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Apr 23, 2014 01:44 PM

Waygu Beef, Really?

Does anyone happen to know about this? Today at the new Mariano's in Edgewater I bought a pound of what was labeled "Waygu Beef", ground, for $5.99, same price as ground sirloin---the butcher said the Waygu has a better flavor so I took that one. Made a nice meatloaf. Then looked it up online and Waygu beef is supposed to sell for hundreds of dollars. Doesn't add up. I wonder if this is NOT- Waygu or else Mariano's is running quite a loss leader.

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  1. American Waygu is no where near as expensive as its counterpart from Japan. For that price, you got the American version and not the stuff that gets hand-rubbed, etc.

    1. Certainly not from the steer that get read bed time stories and tucked in.

      1. Yes, wagyu is just a breed (or really group of breeds) of cow. The reason "kobe" beef is so expensive is that the Japanese send their wagyu cows to the spa. We American's kinda get hosed at restaurants that sell "wagyu" for way more than any other "prime" quality beef. Unless the wagyu cow was treated to the "kobe" method of raising -- top quality feed, beer, and massages -- its just another cow, granted a cow that develops great tasting fat. This is similar to the BS when the American Beef Association convinced people that "black angus" is better -- that just means that the angus breed of cow you're eating had a black coat.

        1. The breed is also likely not full-blood. It's probably bread with another american breed which will water down the genetics (and flavour).

          1. Thanks to all. I didn't think tasted like anything special and the ground sirloin looked just as good. BTW that new Mariano's at Sheridan & Foster has a feature I have never seen before, a great big grill going where they will grill free of charge any meat, fish, or seafood that you buy there. Was drawing a crowd. Most people were having beefsteaks grilled but I wondered if anyone would do one of the darling little octopuses with curly feet.

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              They have grills at other locations. And you can get something grilled, order a couple of sides and eat it in the food court.