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Apr 23, 2014 01:18 PM

Restaurant Will as in William Pradeleix in the 12th; right up there in the top ten of '14

I rarely tout places here preferring to wait til the NYT kills them but our meal (another blogger & his husband and I) here today was outstanding. Now I'll turn a lot of people off if I say he is influenced by his cooking experiences in Bora Bora with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Marmounia in Marrakech, the Connaught in London and Manger here. Snobs here will say oh "World food, fusion, been there, done that,"
I would just say to try it before you knock it. It's out of the way - "Oh my, the 12th, where is that Dearie?"

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  1. Sounds great John, will give it a shot