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Apr 23, 2014 12:40 PM

LQ foodings, this sounds interesting ….

"4th Course

QUAIL | Sriracha "Doritos" Crusted Fried Quail, Creamy Snow Peas, “Galette”


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  1. Always sounds great, but never know how to get a seat =/

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    1. re: BacoMan

      Here is the full menu:

      Sunday, May 18 and Monday, May 19

      The Menu:
      SPAM | Open Face Ramen Spam Slider, Pineapple Mango Relish, L8 Harvest Vinegar, Windrose Farms pickled fresh Cipollini Onions

      SCALLOP | “Gelee de Volaille”, Scallops, “Petit Legumes”, Smoked Char Roe, Lobster Oil Nage

      HALIBUT CHEEKS | Wild Alaska Day Boat, Cucumber Pico, Samphire, Wild Licorice Root, Absinthe

      RABBIT | “Ballotine” style, Sweetbreads, Green Garlic Streusel, Tarbais Beans

      QUAIL | Sriracha "Doritos" Crusted Fried Quail, Creamy Snow Peas, “Galette”


      Below is the link to the reservations page. The can take a couple of days to get back to you with a confirmation.

      Food is adventurous and the menu is a great value. A true talent.

      1. re: BacoMan

        Go to the link Porthos listed and make a reservation request on the site.

        Best deal in town.

        Prefer Mondays to Sundays as there's a lot of wait time between courses and a little less so on Mondays. If going Sunday, go earlier.

        It's a meal requiring patience and a willingness to hang and out and relax between courses.

        1. re: revets2

          I put in a request earlier this morning, and just got the call confirming our Sunday timing (we have friends coming from Newport Beach - so Monday was not feasible).

          1. re: suvro

            Yeah, I retract...I just got a reservation! Woo!

            1. re: suvro

              Went to the event on Sunday night. We were seated promptly for our 6pm reservation - the place was quite full - at least the back room.

              My overall impression was that while the food was interesting, it did not work for me. Part of the negative impression was the extremely poor service, but the wine pairing was also not impressive, and with a few exceptions, the food did not stand out. However, it is a good value for $48/person.

              We chose one wine pairing -$28 for 5 wines, and split the 2.5 oz pours.

              Bread from "Bread Lounge" was OK, and while I did not mind the olive oil from "41 Olive", my wife did not like the taste.

              1. Mise en bouche - ramen spam slider with spam, pineapple mango relish, L8 Harvest vinegar, windrose farm pickled fresh cipollini onions - this came out almost as soon as we sat down and wine glasses were set. The dish was good start. Like the ramen slider, but I felt it could have used a little more of the relish.

              This was paired with 2012 Jeremy Questana "Buena Onda" Pet-Nat Gamay from the Loire Valley - this was a mouthful to pronounce, but a light rose. I did not know Loire Valley produced Gamays, but here it was. The lightness paired well with the amuse.

              2. 1st Course - Raw Maine Scallops, "gelee de volaille", petit legumes, smoked Char roe, lobster oil - I am typing from the menu I brought back, but I cannot remember if all ingredients were there - this was my least favorite course - somewhat underseasoned, and the sweetness of the scallops did not come through.

              The first pour of the Gamay was supposed to go with this as with the amuse.

              3. 2nd Course - Wild Alaska day boat Halibut cheeks, mulberries pico, samphire, wild asparagus, absinthe
              This course took 1 hour to arrive after the scallops. I had a seat facing the wall, and after 30 minutes (we could see no table with food coming out of the kitchen) I ended up seating with my wife on the sofa with the back to the wall so I could see the restaurant. Around 45 mins we talked to the maitre-de saying our food had not arrived - she came back saying it was next up from the kitchen. It took another 15 mins - we saw the food started arriving in waves to the other tables - at one point I was thinking of perhaps walking away, but ended up staying! I think the kitchen was not ready for this pop-up, OR there was a serious hiccup!
              The dish was OK - I was not amazed by the halibut cheek, but the wild asparagus was wonderful. I have never had that and it was both flavorful and interesting visually. I had some expectations of my first taste of absinthe - the waiter said it was the foam - but I could neither see foam, nor taste it.

              This was supposed to be paired with 2011 Frantz Saumon "MIneral +" Chenin Blanc from the Loire valley. I like Chenin Blancs (recent article by NY Times Eric Asimov says that these are not very popular in US), but this was not a memorable one. Also by this time we had finished our pour (already small because we split it) due to the wait, and asked for a little more. The sommelier actually ended up taking our white wine glasses, and poured the next red wine instead! That was a rose Burgundy, and because it was light, it was OK.

              4. 3rd Course - Garlic - Rabbit ballotine, Tarbais beans, sweetbreads, green garlic Streusel - this was served with instructions that the chef suggested we start with the sweetbreads. The sweetbreads with the green garlic streusel was the highlight for me - perfectly cooked, flavored, and the streusel had a good crunchy texture alongside creaminess.
              By contrast the rabbit ballotine was bland, underseasoned, with a flavorless fat casing!

              The wine pairing was 2011 Celine et Larent Tripoz "Coup d'Eclat" Burgundy rose - it was fine, and perhaps the right choice for a mild rabbit and sweetbread course. It was not to my personal taste.

              5. 4th Course - Sriracha Doritos crusted fried quail, creamed snow peas, Comte "gelette". I told my wife that I first noticed this event from Kevin's description starting this thread, and we were looking forward to this dish. However the doritos crust did not seem to have much Sriracha flavor, though one of the gelette dabs did have some spiciness to it. The quail was OK, but not something I would write home about.

              Writing a few days after the event, I am a bit confused about the wine pairing - the 4th pour was 2012 Andi Knauss Trollinger, Swabia from Germany - but when did that arrive? I cannot remember for sure. The thing I remember is I had never heard of this varietal - Trollinger - and it is a rarer grape growing in Italy and Germany. It was fine.

              What I do remember is having to ask the sommelier to pour the last wine - 2010 Maison P-U-R "Marne Jaune" Cotes du Rhone. This was probably the best wine for the night, and it was paired properly with the quail.

              6. Dessert - Jamaica curd, whipped Horchata, Churro ice cream, Mexican chocolate soil, lime, mango glass, pina colada powder. The dessert was truly creative and delicious. The sour curd was topped with a nice dollop of Horchata cream, and the churro flavored ice cream with the crushed chocolate soil was the perfect yang to its ying!

              At least the meal ended on a mouth pleasing note.


              1. re: suvro

                No complaints about the food, and cheese cart was great as usual. As for wine, I always BYO to LQ events.

                I did have a problem with pacing though, like you. Some courses promptly arrived while others took 30+min. This is while neighboring tables who arrived much later caught up in courses. Not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last with the current setup. I'd love to see a change in reservation format to just 2 seatings per night. I wouldn't mind the fixed schedule if it helps the kitchen when there's a full house.

                1. re: zack

                  You sure?

                  I was there Sunday night, fairly late, at 8:30, and for at least half of our meal we were the only party there. The courses still have some weirdly massive lag times between them.

                  It seems like between course 2 and 3 was almost an "intermission" that was built into the whole meal since it seems to have happened to everyone who went.

                2. re: suvro

                  I still dream about the sweet breads that I had at an LQ Foodings event and the dessert course was memorable as well.

                  1. re: suvro

                    thanx for the interesting report back suvro!

                    i've never been, but i'm curious if other CHers have run into the absurd pacing problems that suvro and zack ran into?

                    1 hour inbetween courses is pretty ridiculous. and if it was just to catch up other tables who show up later, that's just bad planning by the kitchen and front of the house.

                    1. re: chowseeker1999

                      We were there Sunday as well, and definitely subtracted points due to the absurd waits in between courses. When I asked about it to a server we were told that the chef/kitchen prepares the courses in large batches. In that case, wouldn't you also fix the seating in groups as well?

                      I personally liked the wines in the pairing, but I should point out that we brought our own wines as well that we felt were more appropriate and classical in style. The pairings were 100% from a small '"hipster" distributor based outside SF (Selection Massale) who specializes in natural, un-oaked, low SO2 wines. I really felt that there could have been more depth to the selection by offering more options from different distributors and including more classical selections in the mix- a glass of Champagne, a proper Burgundy, etc.

                      That said, I thought the meal was a great deal for $48 and the cheese cart was exceptional.

                    2. re: suvro

                      Generally agree with your review. While I definitely saw the value proposition and appeal of LQ's cooking, at the end of the day the only thing that was truly memorable was the cheese cart.

                  2. re: revets2

                    Yeah, I know. I always do. But I never hear back from them.

                    Is the game rigged or something? Do you really need to be food insider to get in? Or is it just incredibly rare to ever get an invite?

                    1. re: BacoMan

                      You have to reply to every Chowthread to get an invite. :-)

                      Glad you got in. Enjoy. And please report back, even if you feel no need to kvetch.

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Indeed, tis the kind of thing worth reporting back on.

                        I have some things to kvetch about in the meantime anyway.

                3. "Foodings"; seriously?
                  That sounds akin to an NYC retail pomposity from the late '90s where you could buy "shirtings" to go with your "pantings".

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                  1. re: Phil Ogelos

                    Well, in FRANCE (from where LQ hails), Le Fooding is actually a Paris-based culinary group with a magazine and website, which sponsors various culinary events. It's not remotely the same as "shirtings," unless that too was an imported name and concept (in which case, your disdain is misplaced in both instances).

                    1. re: Phil Ogelos

                      Whether or not you prefer the term, this "food event" is really fantastic. One of the best in town.

                    2. I just want to go for the cheese cart

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                      1. re: TailbackU

                        yeah, you can deinfitinitely just go for that.

                      2. How often do these things go down?

                        Looks great but those are a busy two days for me.

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                          1. re: zack

                            Thank you for the link.
                            I tried to sign up on Vertical's website and never heard from them.

                          2. re: set0312

                            I've been to this popup 4x and went most recently on 5/19. They only hold them on Sun and Mon when Vertical Wine Bistro is officially closed. The Sun slots sell out really quick, sometimes less than 4 hours. I find the pacing to be better on Mons, presumably because the kitchen worked out major kinks on Sun. I always go for the cheesecart, too!

                            1. re: FoodShutterbug

                              Concur. Monday pacing is better, but you still need to be a bit patient. The wine pairings flat out don't work for us though we are fans of Jill and DomaineLA. Too bad. So like above posters, it's almost always BYOB, or we at least split a tasting if we're interested in the wines.

                              The best pairing has been on Cassoulet night.