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Apr 23, 2014 12:33 PM

What grocery store has FRESH organic pasta?

What grocery store has FRESH organic pasta? Jimbo's, Whole Foods?

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  1. i would think the same ones with the organic pork ;)

    1. Assenti's Pasta

      Not 100% organic, though.
      Flour is kosher and non-GMO.
      Eggs are local and free range.

        1. The best fresh pasta is now coming out of my own kitchen Once you get a handle on how the dough should feel and get used to the Imperia or Atlas roller it becomes really easy and so so worth the effort. Let it dry and then you can store for a while or even freeze.

          1. Hi Ela,
            I want to start making my own but i don't have the roller and the pasta cutter attachments yet, and they are pricey. Definitely will buy them in the future! thx