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Apr 23, 2014 11:53 AM

Dinner and activities between St. Paul and Welch on Saturday

A little out-of-the box thinking is requested...

A friend and I are taking a third friend out for a "surprise" birthday adventure on Saturday. For years we have joked about going to see Gary Spivey at Treasure Island. It's become the punch line to several stories... I'll spare you the details, but we decided this would be an excellent opportunity to actually do it.

Anyway, as for the birthday girl, she knows we're going somewhere overnight, but she doesn't know where. From the few hints we've dropped, she thinks we're either doing karaoke somewhere or flying to Florida to see Jimmy Buffett (sorry, girl... love ya - but not that much).

We'd like to do a little afternoon/evening meandering to keep her guessing. The show starts at 9 at the casino, but I imagine we'd want to be there by 7 or so.

Some early thoughts include stopping at the Minnesota Zoo and Alexis Bailly vineyard, but we need to find somewhere to eat dinner too. Any ideas? I'm not crazy about the idea of eating at the casino.

Are there any casual food gems in the Hastings / Red Wing / Welch area? Or any country dive bars with late afternoon karaoke (kidding - sort of)?

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    1. re: zfwp

      Thanks! We ended up at King's Place in Miesville. We had some decent Bloody Marys and very decent burgers, with a side of waffle fries. I can't remember the names of the ones that we ordered, but one had peanut butter, bacon, jalapenos, and mayo on it and the other had sour cream and... something else. I wouldn't call it a destination location, but it was exactly what we were looking for.