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Apr 23, 2014 11:36 AM

San Antonio Riverwalk on Cinco de Mayo Suggestions

Coming to San Antonio for work over Cinco de Mayo and would like to have a nice meal with a group of 6 people. We are looking for entrees around 30 dollars in the Riverwalk area and the only restriction is no Mexican or Tex-Mex. Suggestions?

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  1. Schilo's comes to mind. Decent German food and homemade root beer.

    1. I would think Las Canarias would be a nice fit for 5 de Mayo.

      1. You should get entrees even at Biga on the banks in your pricepoint, Fans of Asian? Hot Joy on South Alamo is the best neo-Asian in the city. The riverwalk itself is over-priced, over-rated when it comes to food.

        1. Shilos is good but really a deli. I'll ad Boudro's to Biga's and Las Canarias. Try and snag a table on the river.

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          1. re: James Cristinian

            Thanks everyone. We are at a hotel in Riverwalk and won't have a car.

          2. I like the Riverwalk as I have been there a few times. However, I have never had a good meal there I could recommend. That has always been my biggest disappointment with the Riverwalk. Too touristy?

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            1. re: Davydd

              I think it might be the service that makes dining on the Riverwalk such a disappointment. But I will say that Budro's, Las Canarias and in a pinch Paesano's are all good.

              1. re: bronwen

                I'd suggest anyone who enjoys Italian, steer clear of Paesano's!!! I lived in SA years ago when the orig rest was on McCullough. Was terrific in those days. We visited town for Fiesta and had dinner at the Riverwalk location. Pretty pathetic. I'm guessing its on par with Olive Garden because the food was bland,, very bland.