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Apr 23, 2014 11:30 AM

Filipino / Phillipino Restaurants

I am looking for an above average, not too expensive, not fast food, Filipino restaurant(s) in the Los Angeles area. I don't know anything about this ethnic food so any help is great.

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    1. Max's is a chain. Try to find an independent if you can.

      1. Magic Wok in Cerritos has been a go to for my family. One of the rare instances my Filipino family goes out to eat Filipino food.

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          Second Magic Wok. The crispy pata is a must. Sisig is also very good.

        2. Fiesta Sa Barrio -- if you need a table to eat your Filipino food

          Lutong Bahay -- if you are ok without a table.

          Either place is sort of, well, gnarly. In the way that Spam is kind of gnarly.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            I have yet to find an LA Filipino restaurant that wasn't gnarly.

            I've heard decent things about The Park's Finest, which is a sort of fusion of barbecue and pinoy fiesta food.


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              this place has also been on my list with decent reviews:


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                Park's finest is ok but definitely not worth going out of your way for.

                I don't know of any filipino places that aren't steam table. Anyone who knows one, please post. OC included

                I'm not filipino but I like their food. Sisig is really amazing, at least when made well. I also like the stew dishes like adobo menudo, and calderata. Every place seems to be a steam table and they usually have most of these things. Usually you can just pick 2 and they give you a bunch of white rice with it. Weirdly though, in my experience, Filipinos eat a lot of rice but they are lousy at making it. It's frequently gloopy and clumpy and this is across multiple restaurants. Maybe they like it that way?

            2. In case you ever do decide to explore the fast food side of
              Fililpino food.

              Teto's Lechon Manok is a good place to get your crispy pig parts.