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Apr 23, 2014 11:07 AM

SE WI area - Any opinions on Dickey's Barbecue Restaurant?

A business acquaintance of mine that lives in the Chicago area recommended Dickey's Barbecue and mentioned that they also have restaurants in South Eastern Wisconsin.

Has anyone ever eaten at a Dickey's and if so what is your impression of the food?

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  1. I did numerous times when I was in Texas, where Dickey's ranks low simply because Texas BBQ is so good. If there is not much BBQ in your area, it will do in a pinch.

    1. While many of the sides and meats can be forgettable, I think their brisket usually (not always) is very good. I order mine sliced rather than getting their normal chopped version. Fun place for kids-- free soft serve ice cream, discounts etc..

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        Yep, just wanted to make sure the self-serve soft-serve got a plug (Coke floats!). Service at the East Madison location was great, which especially showed in the care they took with dropping okra in the fryer as needed and delivering it to the dining room fast. The meats were MOR.

      2. Chain BBQ which I generally avoid at all costs. The real stuff is too good to suffer mediocre.

        In my experience, Dickey's is a small step below Famous Dave's food-wise. That isn't saying much. I enjoy ribs and Dickey's have always been really chewy and lacking in smoke flavor. But Dickey's is much better for children than Famous Dave's for the reasons VTB mentioned.

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        1. re: Db Cooper

          If the brisket looks fresh, moist, and fatty enough, I go with it. Sometimes I eat mid-afternoon, and the brisket can look a little tired. Otherwise, the pulled pork sandwich. They have pickles and onions and extra sauce at the relish bar, which I like.

        2. I travel to the U.P. from Chicago several times per year. I've stopped at the Dickey's across from the Woodman's right off of 94 several times since it's opened. The sides are abysmal in general, and the bbq is highly variable. The spares are generally a good bet, imo, and the jalapeno cheese sausage is pretty good. The other meats, should DEFINITELY ask to sample before purchasing. They let you sample - no big deal.

          My fallback is spares and spicy sausage for decent eats if the other meats are garbage that day and time. Waffle fries and beans for sides have been the least horrid, but that ain't sayin much. You'll see.

          1. I got some brisket from the Pewaukee location last week and thought it was quite good, all the more so because it came from a chain BBQ. I though it was considerably better than Famous Dave's. Nowhere near Ashley's or even my own smoker, but still pretty good. This place is WELL off my beaten path, so I dont expect to be there often.

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            1. re: Fydeaux

              Hi Fydeaux, yep I like Ashley's as well as Speed Queen but unfortunately neither are anywhere near where I live.

              1. re: Fowler

                I live near Mayfair; Ashley's isnt in my neck of the woods either, but stll worth the drive down Center St, and still closer than Pewaukee.

                In fact, the whole area around Mayfair is distressingly void of any barbeque at all. If Dickey's were to open an Mayfair somewhere between North Ave & Hampton, I'd be quite pleased. Until; then, I'll be driving down to 15th & Center.