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Recent closures - surprised ?

Max's Burger (W.8th) - not surprised.

Cafe Regalade (W. 4th) - surprised

Judas Goat Taberna (Gastown) - SURPRISED ! :-(

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  1. agree with Max's; only had brekky once at C. Reg -- it was okay. Never made it to Judas but it is part of Heather Hospitality Group and is being made over into a Mexican resto called Gringo's :-(. It made it for four years, anyway.

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      What is the implication of it being part of Heather Hospitality Group? Does it suck?

      1. re: brokentelephone

        Not at all -- Sean Heather is a savvy businessperson, and I'm guessing there's a reason he switched concepts, despite a lot of love for JG. I'm always a bit suspicious of Mexican restos in Vancouver, and the name isn't helping, however.

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          " I'm always a bit suspicious of Mexican restos in Vancouver, and the name isn't helping, however."

          +1. If intended to be sardonic, it ain't gonna work on me.

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        Regarding Gringos: It's not Mexican nor Tex-Mex. The tacos try to be more traditional but there are some fast food tex-mex elements in their food.

        They are kinda of stuck in no man's land. For traditional Mexican , La Taqueria is much better. If you looking for like Taco Time Tex-Mex, you'll find the tacos weird and expensive.

        I was looking for a quick lunch and the food was passable but if you going to judge by authenticity by either cuisine then it's not going to make you happy.

      3. Cafe Regalade was a weird one. It morphed from a vanity project pastry shop by the son into the Cafe and then a few months ago the son (who was running that location and fairly successfully it seemed) simply walked out one day without telling his father in West Van and left the place unopened for a few days until Dad scrambled in some new managing staff and reopened. Now it's closed for good it looks.

        Somewhat cursed location that must be "destination" to work as it's impossible to see driving towards MacDonald on 4th.

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          Some family dynamics in there for sure. Brigitte & Alain split up a few years ago, and AFAIK she went to start up Cafe Regalade with son Steeve. Then she started up Cigale after taking Bistrot Bistro's space, and having younger son Kevin run the kitchen. Steeve stayed on with Cafe R and now ...... who knows ?


        2. I'll be good as long as Yamato's and Vera's burgers stay open

          1. Liberty Bakery on Main St papered up but not sure if closed or renovating? (and where do I go now for brandy snaps?)

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              Saw that too, forgot to mention it here. They've been declining badly for the past few years and is a far cry from their heyday:


              My most recent time there (February 2014) was rather awkward. I've not seen the owner couple Liberty & Gunnar Gustafson there for a long time, and most of the time the bakery is just operated by staff. The day I was there the staff (young Japanese girl and older Latina-looking lady) were quiet and somber. No background music in the room. Not a single customer in the room except my son and I. Perhaps they already knew the shop was about to close (?) but the whole ambiance felt as if someone had just died.

              I feel bad Liberty is no longer, because for many years it was a cheerful cozy sanctuary to stop by and take a reprieve from the busy world. But I admit with their essence lacking these past 2-3 years (and prices gone up very noticeably) I no longer felt compelled to give regular patronage.

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                any advice on good brandy snaps on the west side :)?

                1. re: J and V

                  Broadmoor Bakery in Richmond has 'em.

                  West side Vancouver ..... dunno. Maybe Nottes Bon Ton ?

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                Oh, I wish I'd known in advance! My freezer would be full of their lemon tarts and brandy snaps. Makes me sad to hear.

              3. Galloways -- both stores? Surprised!

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                    Given it's location at the end of an out-of-the-way and hard to get to mall, I'm not surprised

                    1. re: repartee

                      Kits Daily is for sale. (ie soon to be closed)

                        1. re: quddous

                          I heard over the weekend that he is moving to a bigger location, hopefully with a patio.

                    2. re: KarenDW

                      Galloways Richmond is definitely closing. Price of remaining inventory is reduced by 50%

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                        I thought they were clearing out the Burnaby stock at the Richmond location. Did you read/hear specifically that they are closing Richmond, or inferring that from the sale?

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                          The story that Scoffier linked to (above) has been updated to say the Richmond Galloways is closing as well as the one in Burnaby..

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                            Oh, that's sucky news indeed! Thanks for pointing out the update though.