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Apr 23, 2014 10:05 AM

Where to eat Barbecue while driving from Ashville to Charleston

My husband and i will be on a road trip, we are driving from Nashville to Asheville and heading down to Charleston. I think we will drive down the 26 through Spartanburg and Columbia. I am looking at the southern foodways BBQ map and the North carolina and South Carolina bbq maps. We will also end up staying in charleston for 3 days maybe. We'd like to try a mix of classic low country cooking, bbq, seafood restaurants and the modern ones like Husk, Onion glass.

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    1. The two that come to mind are Hite's in West Columbia and Sweatman's in Holly Hill. While I don't personally like Sweatman's that much, I don't mind others stopping by for what many believe is a South Carolina icon. Heck, I find myself there every couple of years or so. We don't mind Hite's too much. Very basic & take-out only, but usually not too bad. For what we usually get here in SC it's a pretty good representation of the mustard style.

      Having experienced a Palmetto Pig in another area besides Columbia, I would not give them the time of day.

      We have always heard really good things about Little pigs, but we've never been. I'd like to, though.