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Apr 23, 2014 09:57 AM

Providence Dinner

Thanks to all who helped make recs for my bar crawl Sat. night. We head back Sunday and seek a great lunch/brunch spot. Bloody Mary's are a must (I am picky) and cool hip fun and trendy preferred. No buffet and nothing fancy. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Your bar crawl itinerary was like a greatest hits list for downtown PVD. Brunch can be just as good!

    Now I personally don't care for Bloody Marys, so I can't vouch for that in particular at any of these places, but all three of these have great bar programs, and I trust they'd be able to hook you up properly:

    Nick's on Broadway--yes, it's crazytown on weekends, but it's still our favorite.

    The Grange--Vegetarian, but serves eggs. My stubbornly carnivorous husband loves this place for any and all meals. Great bartenders should whip up a fine breakfast cocktail.

    Cook & Brown--smaller brunch menu, much more low key atmosphere, but the quality of both the food and drink is excellent.

    There are other good to solid brunch places in town, but these are my top picks in the cool/hip/fun/trendy category. I suppose some might also mention Julian's, but I don't enjoy the mixed drinks nearly as much there (beer, of course, is phenomenal) and the food is hit-or-miss IMO.

    1. Some good suggestions from RhodyRedHen.

      I would add the Waterman Grille in Providence for its Sunday brunch. Perhaps a bit less cool, hip, fun, and trendy but its location on the Seekonk River adds a lovely dimension to the experience, especially on the glassed-in porch overlooking the river. I have enjoyed several brunches there with a well-prepared cocktail. Can’t vouch for the Bloody Marys, though.