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Apr 23, 2014 09:27 AM


Will be making this road trip with my just turned 21 year old Marine son and his twin bro at the end of next month and was wondering if there are any places to stop for an excellent breakfast at the southern end of the journey (Ft. Lee/Richmond vicinity) then later on the route (closer to Quantico) for lunch?
The second leg of this trip will be heading to the 'Big Apple' so we would appreciate info on where to stop along the way on this leg of the journey for the remainder that is covered by the Mid-Atlantic Board.
I'm only looking for those special places that offer delicious food, no chains or other conveniently located stops with mediocre offerings. Got to feed my son some excellence, he has had far too many MRE's and enough chow hall slop! We have never been in this region, we're looking for the best most memorable chow that is available for 3 guys on a road trip!

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  1. Once you're on the Jersey Turnpike, it's really just oasis food, until you get to NYC. By that I mean unless you want to explore NJ, I'd save up my hunger for NYC. We make the drive fairly regularly to the DC area from the NYC area, and we've tried all kinds of ways to find good places for lunch and dinner, with mixed results. If you don't mind doing some exploring, we've had lunch at the Fell's Point Market in Baltimore and good crab cakes in Havre de Grace, both towns worth a look see. It's been a while since we got the crab cakes, so I can't recommend anyplace specific. An internet search turns up some that look good. Maybe chowhounders have more recent experiences. With my in-laws we had a delicious, very regional feast of a table full of blue crabs in Annapolis. Check to see if they're in season if you like that sort of thing.

    1. Baldwin's in Joppa, MD has outstanding crab cakes. I'd stick to the crab cakes, though, everything else I've tried has been very mediocre.

      Also, as an FYI, Ft. Lee and Quantico are only about an hour and 30 minutes apart,

      1. Gunnings crab house: just off I-95 south of baltimore route 100 near BWI airport- authentic maryland style crab house for steamed crabs and other authentic md seafood. Their club sandwich is a crab cake, jumbo shrimp salad with bacon on a kaiser roll

        Samos: 5 minutes off I-95 just north of baltimore tunnel, great greek food but the best crab cake, cash only, casual and a bargain $

        Harolds Deli: Edson Township exit right off Jersey Turnpike: fantastic NY Jewish style deli in huge portions-perfect for large hungry marines

        1. Joe's Inn in Richmond for breakfast