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Apr 23, 2014 08:19 AM

Posters who Police



"I think it's time to put this thread to rest"
"I think it's time to put this baby to sleep"
"We're beating a dead horse her folks. Time to put this thread down"
"I am flagging this thread"
"What's wrong with this forum, this thread should have been shut down"

Really, why?

  1. Because there is a pattern on, and in the culture of CH, of threads starting out fruitfully, helpfully and cordially, that eventually, predictably and inevitably, go to Hell in a hand basket, and it's frustrating.

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    1. re: monavano

      "... eventually, predictably and inevitably,"
      I don't see the organic nature of these boards that way, mona, but I expect that's a difference in our characters.
      [c.f. centuries of French drama.]

      1. re: monavano

        That's true however by the time they do 'go to hell in a hand basket' the thread has been thoroughly responded to.
        It's usually time to stop anyway.

        1. re: latindancer

          Yes, I see this all the time.
          Great and often helpful points are made and the topic has nowhere else to go but off the tracks, which usually doesn't end well.
          I don't see how the mods can keep up with the status of each and every thread, so when someone does report it, it's just bringing it to their attention, and what happens next is their call.
          I liken it to little kids who can't police themselves and their emotions. They run and run and run until exhausted and don't know when to quit.
          Then, the crying and tantrums start.

          The time to intervene is before the ugliness starts, or at least, nip it in the bud- which has worked many times, that I've seen.
          Mods aren't always successful getting things back on track, despite their efforts, and the only thing left to do is stop it.
          Sometimes, it sucks and isn't fair.

        1. re: melpy

 usually the only sane response, because trying to stop the tide is generally fruitless.

            1. re: latindancer

              It's the "report" symbol and word at the bottom of each post highlighted in red which, when clicked on, opens up the box to say what sort of problem you are reporting and a place to add your comments if you so desire. Or were you being ironic? If so please ignore this reply.

              "RECOMMEND - LINK - FLAG - REPLY"

              1. re: Servorg

                <Or were you being ironic?>

                No. I've never noticed nor used the symbol but I'm assuming others do.

                1. re: latindancer

                  beneath the last line in a post, just float your cursor and you get the options Servorg mentioned.

                  if you choose to 'flag' it will ask you for a simple reason (sorry it's been a while) like if it was inappropriate, vile, irrelevant, etc. and the chance to include a brief description.

                  1. re: hill food

                    Hahaha I had to hit the flag on your post just to see if there was literally a "vile" option! Unfortunately there wasn't but there is a vulgar option, which doesn't seen nearly as offensive as a vile option. Lol

          1. I think the last one is different from the others in that it's expressing an opinion, not purporting to exert authority. If I cared enough anymore, I might make that last comment, but when I (rarely these days) bother to report posts, I don't comment. Indeed, the Chowhound PTB, did, at least at one time, request that posters not do so since it just makes on more post to "clean up" if/when they choose to do so.

            1. You can Flag those posts -- we generally remove them. If people think a thread should be locked or removed, we ask that they Flag the thread rather than posting in it.

              1. Hi, Bellachefa:

                Because angels fear to tread there?
                Because they can't look away?
                Because clucking your tongue via keystroke doesn't work?
                Because a friend picked a fight and is losing?
                Because they're pretending to be a moderator?

                Those are my leading candidates for explanations.


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                1. re: kaleokahu

                  Because they're like those drivers in the fast lane who go the speed limit and won't pull over to let others go fast.
                  They're the road monitors.

                  1. re: latindancer

                    This is the best post I've seen on here, probably ever.
                    I seriously hope you're not being sarcastic and I missed it...

                    1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                      No, I'm not being sarcastic :-).

                      The self-appointed 'you're going to follow the rules no matter what it takes' is the worst, I've found.
                      If I want to go 10 miles over the speed limit then let ME be judged by a policeman or whatever authority has jurisdiction. Not them and their holier-than-thou, 'rule follower' selves. A person who stays in front of me on a busy freeway, showing ME how to follow the rules is beyond stupid and arrogant. They're likely to cause more trouble than most in their hell-bent obsession to show me who's boss.
                      I have enough confidence in the moderators on CH who seem to know when to draw the line when it comes to proper decorum. They know when to do their job without the 'busy bodies' helping them.
                      In the case of a thread, and somebody being offended, I find it better to walk away then tell on somebody.

                      1. re: latindancer

                        While I get your point, I think you should consider that the mods and their policy of encouraging people to flag posts they consider problematic contributes greatly to the problem. By "deputizing" every 'hound, it empowers those who already have a hall monitor mentality to attempt to impose their view of the rules on everyone else.

                        In other words, it's at least partially created by CH's flawed moderation policy.

                        1. re: carolinadawg

                          Well, if it's true that the mods can't read every post, then how would they find out about things that need to be looked at?

                          1. re: c oliver

                            More mods?
                            Less moderation?
                            Something else?

                            1. re: carolinadawg

                              How does a CH flagging a post hurt in any way?

                              1. re: c oliver

                                I think my post pretty well explained my point, but since you seemed to have missed it, I'll attempt to expound a bit. I never said, or implied, that the actual flagging "hurt" in any way. I simply pointed out how, in my opinion, the active recruitment of posters to "help" the moderators by flagging posts empowers some people to attempt to "play" moderator on their own and impose their idea of the "rules" on certain threads.

                                Call it an unintended consequence of the moderation policy.

                                1. re: carolinadawg

                                  Ah, you mean going beyond the flagging and then commenting. In the last year or so, I flagged a clear troll but then couldn't resist replying "You know you've been reported, right" or something like that :) I got deleted and a "note." I think I've mostly stopped that naughty habit :)

                                  1. re: c oliver

                                    I think you need to read latindancer's post to which I was responding, as well as the OP. The issue is posters who tell others it's time to stop posting, of a post should be locked, etc. I think it happens because people view themselves as "amateur" moderators due to the well stated policy of mods recruiting 'hounds to flag posts.

                                    PS. I agree it's hard not to want to give the trolls a little "extra"!

                                    1. re: carolinadawg

                                      Oh, I know. I think it mostly happens when someone makes the 5 millionth post about what to do with cottage cheese :)

                                      1. re: carolinadawg

                                        Ok I think this has gone on long enough. You have obviously stated, restated, tri-stated your point. Enough is enough. I'm flagging this post, this thread and this entire board. Dawg you are out of order, this entire thread is out of order!!! LOCK IT!!!! Flag! Lock! Flag! Lock!

                                        Don't get me started on that C. Oliver!!!! Flag!

                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                          I get the feeling you just threw a flag on this play...

                                          1. re: Servorg

                                            I put on my old foot locker uniform just for this thread!

                                          2. re: jrvedivici

                                            Oh, junior, STFU :) With all my love!

                                          3. re: carolinadawg

                                            A lot of interesting threads have died too young because of this I think. I do wonder about the hounds who say how much the thread bothers them but keep coming back to that thread.
                                            There was an amazing discussion about fasting a few years back where the OP was just asking about how to break a fast. I learned so much before the door got slammed shut. A lot of hounds scolded the OP which made me cringe but some hounds have thicker skins and she seemed to be dealing with the dogpile well. That thread and a few others felt like those who wanted to participate in a discussion just got shouted down. Great thread and thanks for starting it Bella.

                                            1. re: givemecarbs

                                              Good point. I'd be interested to know if the 'unfollow' feature has resulted in less of that. If the 'team' doesn't have to intervene as often with the "increasing unfriendly" comment now that we can just stop looking. It's helped me.

                                      2. re: c oliver

                                        It doesn't. It helps the Mods maintain the high level of civility on CH, something that is, alas, a rare commodity on the interwebs.

                                        1. re: greygarious

                                          Well, that's my thought also but some others seem to see a downside. Since it's completely invisible I don't see the problem.

                                2. re: latindancer

                                  Spot-on about them slow drivers, and very astute of you to see it as the petty power struggle it really is. (This is a reply to Latindancer's comment).

                            2. re: kaleokahu

                              Aloha K, I guess we can't speak politely with a phrase or two in Hawaiian. Sad as we spoke kindly with respect. K asked me, "how are you?" and I responded "fine indeed, thank you"