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Apr 23, 2014 07:34 AM

Pittsfield - any update on the openings of the new restaurants?

For a few months there's been talk of three new restaurants opening up in Pittsfield. Just wondering if anyone knows if/when that may be happening . . .

7 Winter Grille at the former Mazzeo's location
DaKoto at the former Dakota location
Roasted Garlic at the former Fresco's location

I'm a little tired of the same old, same old and look forward to trying something new. Thanks for any info you might have!

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  1. Former Mazzeo's location? I'm new to the area but we had Easter dinner there last Sunday and there was no hint of fore coming closure.

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      Since you are new to the area, you wouldn't know or remember where Mazzeo's was prior to being on South St. (Rte. 7). It was originally at 7 Winter Street in Pittsfield in an old brick building behind two huge billboards. I'm pretty certain Mazzeo's will be sticking around at their current location on South St. My husband, a good friend and I were there on Easter Sunday. We had some delicious apps and a cocktail at the bar before going out onto the patio to enjoy the wonderful weather.

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        Thanks for the clarification for those of us who moved here recently. We loved our dinner there Easter. May have been sitting on the adjacent bar stools. :)

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          Best seat in the house, if you don't count the patio on a beautiful, cool, sunny day!

    2. Today there were large construction vehicles with a few men in the Dakota parking lot. Looks like they are getting ready to do something.

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        My husband and I went to 7 Grille at the former Mazzeo's building (7 Winter Street, Pittsfield) on their opening night. Jae hasn't advertised the opening. We just called and asked if they were open. The place looks great and has a warm, cozy atmosphere. We sat at the bar and they obviously have some kinks to work out, but the food was very good. Nether one of us was very hungry so we started with their Asian wings ($9). They were delicious, though a bit messy, and came with a delicious slaw. I had the lobster & crab cake appetizer ($11 - $12) which was well prepared, but lacked flavor. It, too, came with the slaw which made it the perfect light snack I was looking for. I wanted some sort of veggie (didn't know the slaw came with the cake) so I ordered a side of creamed spinach ($5). It was delicious, flavorful and definitely enough for two to share. My husband had a burger and said it was very good. We went back last week because we wanted to try their steaks. I had their "Baseball" steak ($18) which did look like a baseball. It was described to me as the same lean cut as a tenderloin, but a bit denser and more flavorful. I ordered it with a Bearnaise sauce and it was good. I'm not a steak lover so it takes a lot for one to "wow" me. My husband had the dry aged sirloin, which he liked but didn't think it was that much better than a "regularly" aged steak, so not worth the extra $$. I think his was $28 - $32. I ordered a side of asparagus (excellent) and he ordered a baked potato, which was obviously leftover from the day before and reheated, so not very impressive. All in all the food was very good. We like the atmosphere. It is expensive since everything is a la carte, but there are some reasonably priced options like chicken pot pie, Kobe meatloaf and burgers. We'll go back on occasion as it is close to where we live and we are always looking for a "change" from our regular "haunts".

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          I think Dakota is turning into a Japanese Steakhouse (unless I dreamed that, but I think I read it somewhere).

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            Supposedly. Da-Koto, owners connected with Koto in Allendale. I go past it all the time and have seen no real signs of progress. So they're likely missing out on tourist season. Which, if food is like Koto, may not be a great loss.

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              I heard they are having problems with the electrical permits and possibly other permits as well. I guess due to updated regulations, they had to basically re-wire the entire place.