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Apr 22, 2014 10:54 PM

Game Meat Buying

Hello All!

I lived up in Bellingham most my life & currently living in Fresno. That being said I'm heading up for a summer family gathering and we have a slider competition.

I was curious if anyone knows a good/reputable place to purchase bear, elk or wild-boar meat in the Bellingham through Olympia region?

Thank you, happy Spring everyone!

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  1. Hi, Brad:

    You might try Seattle's Finest Exotic Meats (ironically in Bellevue). At their old location in Shoreline, all of their meat was prepackaged and frozen, but I haven't been to the Bellevue location.

    You might also contact University Seafood & Poultry in the U. District of Seattle to inquire about what they can get. http://www.universityseafoodandpoultr...

    If you want to finance a trip to Kaua'i, I'd be happy to shoot you a boar.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Perfect response man! Great places to start! I'm purchasing sampler platters to be shipped to Fresno so I can perfect my recipes and I'm picking some up in person when I arrive later this summer.

      Thanks again! Have a good summer and I'll have to think about that ticket to Kaua'i!