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Apr 22, 2014 08:00 PM

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale -- anyone had it?

For a change of pace from my usual West Coast Style IPA, last night I had a bottle of Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. Said to be "English style," it was quite good and while not the usual hop bomb I am used to, it was satisfyingly hoppy. From the malt standpoint, it was a very well made ale, with overall malt/hops balance quite good.

Comments from people who have recently had it?

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  1. Not much reaction; perhaps it doesn't get the distribution like other Brooklyn beers. What I liked most about it was that it wasn't a full-on blast of malt+bitter flavours, but rather a few well-focused shafts of flavour that stood out, leaving a lot of space in between. Yes, it was sort of a "spacious" IPA and that was a refreshing change.

    1. Ive had it. I would say its fine but otherwise didnt blow my mind. My recollection of it is that its a little more peppery than most american IPA's and of course as you note lighter on the in your face american hops. I didnt really find it as tasty as some true british IPA's Ive had (I do like fuggles and goldings hops!) and when I am craving an IPA its generally because my pallet is looking for danker fruitier hops so it misses on both accords for me. So I didnt find it worthy of a repeat visit (got some in a mixed Brooklyn pack). When I go for Brooklyn stuff its generally their lagers and their brown and maybe their Pennant Ale and a few of their big bottles are pretty good. But the IPA doesnt do much for me. Although I admire the concept.

      1. I recall not being that impressed which is rare for me when it comes to BKLN.

        1. Haven't had one in awhile, I remember liking it and it having a different flavor profile than American IPAs. Maybe I will pick one up tonight and try it again.

          1. It's been around too long, and too easy to get, to be "popular".

            I've always enjoyed it, a nice solid standard IPA.