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Apr 22, 2014 06:37 PM

Last Dinner in NOLA: Can You Help

WE loved Irene's Cuisine and Bayonna. Both were quiet, food and
service outstanding, with choices for my non-fish eating hubby.
We did not love Galatoires: too noisy, and food ok, but not memorable.

Our HOtel is on Bienville, between Bourbon and Royal. We'd like
something not too far, walking, with quiet, superb food, with some
non-fishy choices for hubby. Irene's Cuisine is too far to walk, or we'd go back.

What do you suggest? Philly CH thanks you in advance.

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  1. Oh boy, I was about to say GW Fins...til I noted "non-fish hubby". They would have a few items for him but, their focus being the sea, why do it? I'd say look at the menus for: Kingfish, K-Paul's, Doris Metropolitan and Sylvain. All within 5 minutes of you by foot and very good. If you want to REALLY splurge, a bit further from the hotel via walking, but easily doable, is Stella! You and hubs should be most pleased with any of the above, assuming they are even remotely on their games. Enjoy!

    1. I would take a cab to Herbsaint.

      I thought of Sylvain as well, but its more of a loud, dark, gastropub with good food. Very casual.

      1. Thanks, Ziggy and Sanglier. Because proximity is
        big with me, and I'm absolutely worn out from traipsing,
        we decided on Green Goddess, which sounds adventuresome and tasty--very close to the Mazarin.

        GW Finn's is my idea of fish heaven, but I wanted hubby to
        have better choices that Green Goddess offered. Like Lamb meatloaf!

        I will report from home, or possibly later tonight. We fly
        back tomorrow morning.