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Rachael Ray is going to teach us how to tip

A new show from the food network. As described at http://eater.com/archives/2014/04/22/...

Rachael Ray is getting a new show on the network called The Big Tip, which follows Ray as she travels to various towns and tips "deserving waiters and waitresses." (Perhaps this is Ray's attempt to change her reputation as an awful tipper.)

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  1. What was that show she had where she would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for under a set amount of cash ? I always remember her tipping like 80 cents. Nothing to learn from her.

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      It was $40/day. Yes the tips were bad but her apologists said staff were tipped off camera for their inconvenience. So I guess it really wasn't $40/ day.

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        Tips were bad when she left one at all.

      2. Yikes, another show featuring Ray-Ray. :( Well, she'll rake in more cash and I guess that's the point for her and the network.

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        1. re: breadchick

          I think she's been much less visible the last couple of years, it's the Chopped Guy Wars network now.

          Frankly she bugs me less than she used to, at least she actually cooked stuff on 30 Minute Meals.

          1. re: coney with everything

            I'm a bit surprised she bothers with FN at all these days, especially with something as involved as a travel show. But I hear she does like to keep busy, and FN is as much a part of Rachel's brand as Rachel is FN's.

            Cat Cora said a few weeks back that FN featured one chef at a time. There were the Emeril years, the Rachel years, arguably an Alton and a Guy period. It's Flay's time now.

        2. This from the woman who declared that 7% was more than enough for a tip in a restaurant? Really?

          1. Shrill Harridan to Make Life Unbearable for All Parties Involved

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              2014 Late Resolution: Do everything I can to make SHMLUAPI a widespread Internet abbreviation.

            2. She is a joke, food network is a joke. Does anyone still watch that shit?
              If you really care about food go watch Mind of a Chef. 99% of food tv is just bringing food down to the lowest common denominator, it's trash. Simply some half baked crap to put between the commercials to keep you tuned in. None of that sounds very "chowish," as you folks might say.

              1. I was a big RR fan until I watched $40 a day. RR has to be the worst tipper in the industry. She will have to do more then have a TV to make amends for all the bad tips she has left. Sorry but a thumbs down to her new show.

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                  I was so distressed by her appalling tipping practices on that show.


                2. I don't see any connection between the show trailer and the subject line.

                  1. Cause she needed yet another show.

                    1. Oh dear. Is this a new series? I actually thought it was just a one-off special, which, I guess would be okay.


                      1. Who is she kidding! Remember $40 a day?

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                          That seems to be the only thing the posters are remembering.

                        2. If she is going to show people how to tip in her opinion AND she is tight fisted, I'll watch.
                          Beats the Duck call making, bearded, dopes or the obese family Boo Boo.

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                            the obese family Boo Boo.

                            A bit OT, but I just had to comment.

                            I can't believe people watch this train wreck of a show. I mean, a show (supposedly) in English but has to have English subtitles so you know what they are saying!

                          2. You know, I didn't read the article in the link because Eater has horribly been virus-y and unkind to my computer in the past, but I think the idea is that she's searching out "deserving" servers to give a giant, $10,000 tip to. I don't think it's really about teaching us how to tip. I think it's supposed to be a show to celebrate some awesome servers and make one of them $10K richer.

                            Or something like that.


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                            1. re: The Dairy Queen

                              As this is FN, I fear this ending up as more about servers who fit some kind of single parent, just lost a parent/spouse/child, survived cancer, etc. rather than being really awesome at their job.

                              1. re: cresyd

                                I don't think that is limited to just FN

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                                  Nah, they’ll have some sort of competition. Carrying a tray with 20 full pilsner glasses on it while dodging other servers. They crying infant table. Who can take down and enter correctly orders from a table of 20.

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                                    Even if there's a competition, the winner will still be a formerly homeless, drug addict, missing a limb, and caring for 4 foster children.

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                                      I just want to add that for those who have suffered loss, hardships, and are caring for others - I really don't have that much cynicism. But the way FN lays it on thick....

                              2. I think it's about time the do a show about us servers. We work a lot harder then people think. Come to my Coney Island and see if u can run 7 tables with a packed house and get sat 4 tables all at once. Lol fun times! That's what we live for. And I stil love her even if I would get a 1$ tip.

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                                  I know you work hard and it's nice to see someone not bash Rachel Ray, for a change!!!!!

                                2. I just saw a commercial on FN for this show. It's being billed as a "special." A one-time, thing, I think. Unless, of course, it's hugely popular, in which case I'm sure FN will find a way to make it a regular thing.


                                  1. I am surprised that I didn't get to see this post until now. Well, better late than never.

                                    Withholding any Rachel Ray bashing, can you really do an entire season of show on just tipping? I can see people have shows about making cakes and eating burgers. There are different cakes and there are different burgers. Is Rachel supposes to show us different way of tipping?

                                    Edited: I just read some more online. It really isn't about regular tipping. It is more like one of those Oprah's gift thing where someone get a car or get a college tuition or something expensive.

                                    1. As a personal philosophy.....

                                      Always over tip the breakfast waitress, what difference does it make to you if you tip 40% or so on a $8.00 plate of eggs?
                                      Waiters and waitresses put up with a lot of crap from the customers, it is a stressful job. Tip on the generous side, (25% or more) if you have a pleasant experience.
                                      That folks is just my opinion, 50,000 years from now as the burned out cinder, that was Earth hurtles through space, will it matter what you tipped,??? Go for it!!!