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Apr 22, 2014 03:36 PM

Drinks with Easy Access to Bay Bridge (SF)

Any ideas of a place near a Bay Bridge entrance for an after-work drink this evening? The first place that came to mind was Local, but I am not too keen on the place. Thanks!

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  1. City Beer, Terroir, Bloodhound

    1. Are you implying you're planning on drinking and driving?

      How near is near?

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I was worried about that topic line! No, I need a place where someone with a car can easily swing by to pick us up on the way to the bridge.

        1. re: The Dive

          LOL. It still depends on where they are coming from. There are lots of places in the FiDi you can swing by to pick someone up and head for the First St. onramp (or if it's "us" plus driver, for the carpool onramp under the bridge: Sterling Street On-ramp; off Bryant Street between Beale and 2nd Streets). Some of the places on the area of the Embarcadero near the bridge or Eastern SoMa or Prospect might be convenient for the carpool onramp.

          1. For next time: Waterbar, on the Embarcadero and directly under the Bridge.