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Apr 22, 2014 03:31 PM

Sonny's Hideaway or Warren's Blackboard

Has anyone been to both or either? Trying to find a good place close enough to Glendale for a group of 10 - requirements: full bar and good food. Atmosphere is a plus as most of the group cares more about that and alcohol than anything else but since I'm planning I say food is #1 priority. I haven't been able to find much about the 2 places...

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  1. We went to Sonny's a couple of months ago - great atmosphere, OK drinks (I thought they were a little on the sweet side, but I'm super picky, and the menu looked interesting). Food was good. Most (all?) tables were booths that wouldn't fit a group of 10, but there's standing room at the bar for a more casual GTG.

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        I didn't see the patio! Might be worth calling. Also check out the York and Maximiliano on York Blvd. York is more casual gastropubby, and Maximiliano is more restaurant, but both could accommodate a large group. I've never even heard of Warren's..

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          Yes, thought of Maximiliano but unfortunately they don't have a full least not according to their website.

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            Sometimes the York is really loud and it's hard to have conversations! I stopped going there a while back when I ordered a dark and stormy (featured on the chalk board) and basically got a whole bunch of lime juice and not much else :( Sonny's drinks weren't very strong , but the patio is really nice!

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              actually ate for the first time at sonny's hideaway. i was only there before for drinks. the food wasn't impressive, i would pass on it.

      2. i've had a few good meals at warren's blackboard. most things were good there. didn't have any cocktails there so can't comment on that.

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          how was the patio seating (from what you could tell)?

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            Heard some very good things about Warren's Blackboard at the Beverly Garland Hotel on Vineland in Studio City/North Hollywood.
            One of these days I want to try it though.
            On Vineland about 2 blocks north of Ventura Blvd, at the 101 Freeway southbound offramp.