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Apr 22, 2014 10:18 AM

Humpty's Dumplings, Glenside

OK, so I get to my car at the Glenside Train Station yesterday after work, and there's a bright blue flyer stuffed into the door handle of my car. Humpty's Dumplings, 102 N. Tyson Ave, Glenside. Does anyone know Humpty? Have you tried the Dumplings? I'm intrigued.

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  1. Intrigued here, as well. Looks like they can be picked up ready to eat or frozen for later. Sold at a number of local eateries as well.

    1. Could be a reason for a spring evening drive back to the 'hood; a few Humpty Dumplings for dinner and a soft cone at Jack Frost for dessert.

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        I'm just frustrated because the flyer hooked me & directed me to a website that really didn't have much useful information for someone looking to buy the dumplings. Now I'm craving a dumpling.....

        1. re: PattiCakes

          Well it's not *exactly* the same thing but have you been to the new(ish) dumpling place inside HMart? They have regular Korean dumplings (mandoo, I think they're called) and giant softball sized steamed dumplings that look like Chinese bao, stuffed with Korean fillings. Only about $1-2 each, too. The smaller ones are cheaper. I haven't tried those since the giant ones looked and smelled so delicious :)

          1. re: gcwebber

            I just noticed this place last weekend. Didn't get a chance to get anything yet, but I'm planning to soon and will report back.

      2. Their twitter feed mentions something about "delivery"....hmm!

        1. Looks great, thanks for only to find them.

          1. Humpty Dumpling's Facebook Page has a little more info, including where their products are currently being sold. They will have a booth at the Glenside Farmer's Market and the dumplings are also available at New Galaxy Diner in Hatboro, as well as several other locations in the area.