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Best Fries ?

Time for a new debate.

Suggested categories :
1) Thin cut frite style.
2) Thick cut.
3) With gravy.
4) Open class - anything goes.

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  1. Good topic! I love my fries with gravy. Ok, who's kidding who, I basically love any kind of potato. My favourites in the last 6 months are:

    1. Poutine at the new locale of Come and Get It. I had the Ol' El Paso Taco poutine, but I'm pretty sure any version would have been hugely satisfying.
    2. For brunch at Brooklyn Tavern recently I had the Pork Chili Verde poutine. Never had anything like it, but it was very tasty and I won for best menu pick versus my dining companions that day. Had to fend off the forks.

    Hall of fame:
    Blue chip truck outside city hall and across the street from my office. Best fix for the weekday hangover.

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      Restaurants should master a simple poutine before starting in on these absurd concoctions

    2. For your category 1, I'd nominate La Palette - the fries that come with the steak frites are out of this world. And they come with a home-made sauce.

      1. For thin cut frite style, I like the frites at Starfish. http://www.starfishoysterbed.com/wp-c...

        For open class, I like the Greek fries at Rails & Ales, which are called Greek fries, but are closer to pan-fried potato slices topped with feta, olive oil, vinegar and oregano. http://dine.to/menus/menu_1894_docume...

        1. Gravy, dipping sauces, and toppings are to me an afterthought. It's always about the execution of frying potatoes.

          Swiss Chalet, Chick-n-Joy, Stockyards.

          1. Buster Rhino, in Whitby and Oshawa.

            1. Nice all.

              Best fries I have ever had are Chez Lucien in Ottawa. Almost a frite, but slightly thicker, perfectly fried, and out of this world flavor (duck fat, maybe beef lard ?).


              Closest I've had in TO are Marben's fries.


              Both with a great side of burger too ! :-D

              1. Fries at Le Select Bistro are amazing. It's shoestring type.

                1. Thick cut style has to go to Clubhouse Sandwich Shop. They triple fry their fries so the outside is very crispy, yet the inside is nice and "fluffy" like a baked potato.

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                    It's also my choice for best overall. They're far too addictive and if I'm not mistaken they're fried in peanut oil.

                  2. I love the fries at Le Paradis, which I'm sure will get blasted by haters of restos that last longer than 2 years in Toronto, but their fries are awesome.

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                    1. I'm not a big fry lover but the ones at East Lynn Farmer's Market, from potatoes picked that morning, those are good fries.

                      1. Burger Shack & Harbord Room

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                          + 1 on Burger Shack and Burger's Priest fries are pretty good.

                        2. Best Fries I've had in the past year were at The Chase and surprisingly at a non-descript place in a strip plaza in Pickering called Flavour's Café. They were outstanding.