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Apr 22, 2014 08:57 AM

Need restaurant suggestions for birthday dinner (West Chester area)

Hi - My parents are coming to town next weekend, and mom wants to organize a surprise birthday dinner for dad's 70th. I'm struggling to figure out where we should go! Here's what I am working with...

7-8 adults + 1 preschooler, so dinner will be on the earlier side, and on a Thursday night
We live just east of WC Boro, so anything from Malvern to Exton is fair game, and we're okay expanding that radius a bit east - though we will be going there at rush hour...
Parking must be relatively easy - dad and uncle are not so into walking long distances these days.
BYO vs bar is not important

Mom suggested "Italian, barbecue, or hamburgers" and nixed Mythos. I have suggested Cafe Fiorello in West Chester (never been, but a coworker loves it), Anthony's in Malvern, and TJ's in Paoli (we took them there on a previous visit). If there were a Bravo/Brio or a Redstone American Grill closer to us, either of those would be perfect... anything like that nearby?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Since your Mom suggested Italian, we like San Nicola in Paoli/Malvern. Not super special but always nice. Another place that generally gets really good reviews is Alba in Malvern. Both of these have menus on line.

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      San Nicola is a great idea, we drive by it but have never eaten there.

      I would love to go to Alba some time, but not with this group - they will be happier with something more traditional and less creative!

    2. Italian?
      The ever popular Giuseppe's on Route 3 in Edgemont is one suggestion.
      Another is Tiramisu in Berwyn which is also a BYOB.

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            I've found Limoncello to be deafening when full. Not sure older people would like it.

          2. You could go the english pub route that would sort of hit the burger side of things... Whip Tavern... its reasonably close to West Chester.. and definitely family friendly. And your little one would be welcomed with open arms.

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                Early isnt bad... high times a bit of a squeeze.. but it is all close to the building. You are not walking far distances. This is really a country pub.