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Apr 22, 2014 08:30 AM

Minneapolis foodie in Dallas

Looking for the single best meal in Dallas area. Staying at the W Victory. Also, need a recommendation for extensive tap beer list with a good tv sitch. Let me hear ya, hounds....

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  1. I would vote for Lucia. Reservations are impossible to get, but they take walk-ins for bar seating.

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      1. re: Dallas Alice

        Lucia is a good call. The tasting menu at FT33 would also be delicious. A number of people have raved to me about Spoon as well... I don't have enough experience eating there to comment, but it's probably worth considering.

        1. re: gavlist

          FT33 looks very interesting. My kind of place... thanks so much.

      2. Meddlesome Moth would fit the beer list question, with decent food.

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        1. On the beer front, since not many will give you much guidance, do you want a place that is more low key, ok service, no tv's and not quite as expensive or better service, tv's, higher prices and crowded most nights?

          Also are there any beers you are absolutely seeking out? That might make the determination a bit easier.

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          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            i am a hop head, and do love a good crowd. Green Flash is something we dont get to see here in Minny very often, and i am a fan of the IPAs they craft. Live music would be a draw as well, but mainly an extenstive list of taps would be my focus.

            1. re: liverpoolandonions

              Second question when is your trip planned for and I can see if there are any events that you might want to attend. We do definitely have most of the Green Flash and Ballast Point offerings if you like the San Diego IPA's. I would highly suggest while you are here that you try out the IPA and Myrcenary from Odell from Fort Collins. If you would like to shop at a highly stocked store that is very good on customer service try out Lonestar Beverages in Carrollton. It is a hike but well worth your time!

              Off the top of my head in the vicinty of your hotel are the following:

              Meddlesome Moth -

              The Common Table -

              Craft & Growler -

              Strangeways -

              Community Beer Company -
              Community has a tap room that is open during the week. You will need to check the site for details.

              Four Corners Brewing Co -
              Four Corners also has a tap room open during the week.

              Restaurants that have a good selection:
              Lark on the Park -

              Will add more to this later. Need to check the restaurants in your immediate area.

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Wow, oustanding info Lewisville.... much appreciated. I am heading down tomorrow, and will be there through the weekend. We do get Odell products here, i am a huge fan!

                1. re: liverpoolandonions

                  I will warn you that you probably should seek out the following locals:

                  Lakewood – Hop Trapp pretty good for a Belgian IPA and The Temptress for the best milk stout around. Lakewood and Community both have good Vienna lagers but they really aren’t worth getting a pint of when there is so much else you can be drinking. They are both good for the very hot summer we are gearing up for though.

                  Community (Mosaic IPA, Ascencion Coffee Porter, and Minivan Wheat Wine and Glenstemmons) I happen to like their Witbier, Pale Ale and Public Ale (ESB).

                  Peticolas – Peticolas is our local hero of sorts. Our first GABF winner and he won it for Velvet Hammer. His beers styles aren’t very exciting as hoppy or sour beers but they nail it on the head for style. These days there is something to be said for consistanancy for a brewery. Velvet Hammer (Imperial Red Ale), Royal Scandal (English Pale Ale), The Duke (Barleywine) and Great Scot (Scottish Ale).

                  Revolver – Brewery that is the farthest away from DFW but we still call it our own! I like their bock, hefeweizen and stout. Revolver Bock, Blood & Honey (Hefe brewed with Blood oranges and local honey), and Mother Fracker (stout)

                  Four Corners – look for their El Chingon IPA and Block Party Porter and that is it.

                  The Meddlesome Moth is having specials all week long for their 4th year anniversary Wood Inspired Metamothisis. Details below:

                  4/23 = Deschutes Black Butte XXV and The Abyss tapping

                  4/24 = Odell Friek

                  4/25 = Firestone Walker Barrel Nite featuring Unfiltered DBA, DDBA, Parabola, Sucaba, Opal, Agrestic and 17th Anniversary

                  Common Table has the following on Tap and in Bottles:

                  On Draft-
                  • Firestone Wookey Jack – Firestone Walker Brewing Co
                  •Ballast Point Sculpin- Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
                  •Peticolas Velvet Hammer- Peticolas Brewing Co-•Founders All Day IPA – Founders Brewing Company
                  •Lakewood Temptress – Lakewood Brewing Co.
                  •Ommegang Glimmerglass – Brewery Ommegang
                  •North Coast Old Rasputin – North Coast Brewing Co
                  •North Coast Old Stock Ale – North Coast Brewing Co
                  •Liefmans Cuvee Brut – Liefmans (Moortgat)
                  •Odell Lugene – Odell Brewing Company
                  •Hofbrau Delicator – Staatliches Hofbrauhaus Munchen
                  •Independence Hop Brownie – Independence Brewing Co
                  •Revolver Bock – Revolver Brewing
                  •2011 Oak Aged Yeti – Great Divide Brewing Company
                  •Avery White Rascal – Avery Brewing Company
                  •Prairie Artisan Ales / Evil Twin Bible Belt – Prairie Artisan Ales

                  Special Bottles-
                  •Wild Streak – Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn, NY
                  •Rodenbach Caractere Rouge – Brouweji Rodenbach – Roselare, BE
                  •Victory Red Thunder – Victory Brewing Co – Downington, PA

                  Looking at the lineup at Strangeways, below are the following I would seek out:
                  Prarie – Noir
                  Stone – Enjoy by 4/20….might be on sale with a date stamp in the name??
                  Boulevard - Rye on Rye
                  Ballast Point – Piper Down
                  Buffalo Bayou – Abrikoos IPA
                  Buffalo Bayou – Don’t Fear the RIPA
                  Jester King Das Wunderkind
                  Maybes: Four Corners – Celebracion, Rahr – Whiskey Warmer, and Mikkeller - Hopburn High

                  Looking at the lineup at Craft and Growler, below are the following I would seek out:

                  903 Sasquatch (Milk Stout)

                  Sixpoint – Hi-Res (IIPA)

                  Elevation – Senor Horchata (Horchata Porter)

                  I took out most of the snoozers from the lists. List like Craft and Growler will have most of the locals listed in the opening of this post.

                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    I cant begin to thank you enough for this post. This is why Chowhound is the best foodie site, because it has people like you that truly care about it.

                    Cheers, and thank you very much!

                    1. re: liverpoolandonions

                      I would second LewisvilleHounder's recs, especially Craft and Growler and Meddlesome Moth. If you are interested in bottle shops with good craft beer selection, I'd add Lonestar Beverages and Hall's Wine and Spirits. They are pretty out of the way, but if you make it there, the people working there really know what they're talking about and can usually point you in the right direction.


          2. Gingerman has a good tap selection, and is somewhat close to your hotel although it is lacking in the TV realm.

            Lewisville Hounder didn't mention Deep Ellum Brewing, but I like their IPA very much....when it's good. They can be a bit batchy.

            Katy Trail Ice House has a really good selection of Texas microbrews. Relatively close. Decent TV watching. Good people watching.

            Can you bring me some Surly Furious?

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            1. re: planojim

              I wish i could... thanks for the continued input, i truly appreciate it! Deep Ellum looks interesting. I will be checking that out for sure.

            2. Speaking about Meddlesome Moth..... From today's City of Ate's food blog.....