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Apr 22, 2014 08:25 AM

Candied, maple-glazed or brown sugar beets and carrots


I'm looking for a restaurant in or very (very!) close to Toronto that serves sweet, roasted beets and carrots. I've only had beets maybe three times in my life (twice in childhood) but last weekend I had some amazing ones that were warm, sweet and chewy. They were small cubes that accompanied our chicken and fish entrees. The sweetness reminded me of maple glazed carrots which I enjoy, but don't have often. I could and probably will at some point make them myself, as I love to experiment in the kitchen. But for now I'd love to find them in a restaurant. My only worry is that restaurants with seasonal menus may not be serving them as winter is over. Thanks so much for any suggestions and recommendations!

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  1. Seems more like an accompaniment to a dish than an actual course itself.

    Why not just make them? Roast veggies first, finish in pan with butter/stock/maple etc. Very easy.

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      Hi Sadistick,

      Thanks for your reply. I know its an accompaniment as opposed to a main course. That's fine and not much of an issue. I'm not sure why the size would make much of a difference...? I'm not looking for an entree size of this, I'd like it as a side dish. As I mentioned, I probably will make it on my own at some point. I love to cook and I can Google the recipe easily when I'm ready. We can all make most dishes at home given the right recipe and ingredients, but as I said, at this time I'm looking for this to be prepared at a restaurant, so I don't need a recipe at the moment.

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        I am sure if you have a restaurant in mind and called ahead of time, a special request could be made and most places would be willing to accommodate - assuming you wish to have this made for you rather than doing so at home.

    2. Maybe check the menus at Origin? Claudio Aprile had kind of a thing for beets at Colborne Lane and it might have translated over.

      Also, not beets or carrots, but in the vein of what you're interested in, you might check out Harlem for candied plantain. They used to do yams, too, but I don't think they do any more.

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        Thanks Jacquilynne! Next time I'm at Bayview Village I'll check out Origin. My boyfriend and I have driven past it and have been meaning to check it out, but have yet to go inside. Will defo try to sometime soon. Thanks! I love plantains (my grandmother makes them) and I liked my meal at Harlem Underground, but the beets are a distinct craving I'm having so I din't think that'll do the trick, but thanks for the suggestion. :) I just found out that Kalendar has a honey roasted beet dish, so I'm gonna give that a try.