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Apr 22, 2014 08:14 AM

Dinner for group of 6 men in Montreal

We are coming to Montreal for a bachelor party and are looking for a restaurant with a cool vibe, mid-range price, with great food. Would love to try something authentically Montreal, and also some wild game. We are not young guys so not looking for anything typically for a "bachelor party" but just somewhere we can have great cocktails/beer and great food, nothing stuffy, and not looking to spend a small fortune. Any recommendations would be helpful!

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  1. Pastaga is a great choice: nouvelle Quebec cuisine using lots of local ingredients by famed chef Martin Juneau. Great natural wine selection and food. Casual, grown-up vibe. You can't go wrong here. It was in the enRoute Canada best new restaurant list for 2012 I believe.

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      And you can ask to get a table in the kitchen.

    2. Definitely search this message board as this has been discussed extensively in recent threads.

      The usual suspects will include Joe Beef and Au Pied de Cochon. Prices might be closer to upper mid-range, but this will depend on your benchmark. Both have good cocktails and decent beer but tend to focus on wine, as is typical in Montreal. The cocktail and beer programs at most restaurants here are years behind those of other major US cities.

      Unless you're coming later in the summer, wild game will be a challenge as there are laws against its commercial sale to restaurants. A pilot project is aimed at updating these restrictions but I think it won't begin until September? (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)

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        * Some atypical farmed game is available at the restaurants I've mentioned, along with good seafood options and ranch meats like bison, boar, and horse.
        For more unusual stuff consider Cinquieme Peche (often serving seal) or Lawrence (often serving great dishes featuring unusual cuts of meat from their adjacent butcher).

      2. La Salle à Manger can be fun.

        Good vibe, good food, good wines (they used to have a small selection of interesting beers).

        It is also on a nice street with bars nearby for post-dinner libations.