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Apr 22, 2014 08:11 AM

Midtown & Rochefeller Ctr reasonably priced food suggestions

Son will be working near Time Warner - Midtown -.
Living near Rockefeller Ctr. Any suggestions for good food, not high- end

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  1. Have you tried doing a search?

    There are many previous discussions on this board.

    Search on "Time Warner Center" "Columbus Circle" or "Hell's Kitchen" for near work. will also be very helpful as will

    Where to Eat Near MoMA (the museum cafe is actually pretty good, as is the Modern next door):

    Where to Eat Near Grand Central/Midtown East:

    Where to Eat in the Theatre District/Times Square:

    Where to Eat near 5th Avenue shopping / Bloomingdale's / Rockefeller Center: