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Apr 22, 2014 08:04 AM

Hi -Going to be in Morris county tonight and tomorrow night,

can you give me some good options for solo diner. VERY familiar with the area, lived in Morristown & Randolph for 10 years (left in 2005).

Hotel is in Parsippany.

Anything good remaining in the square in Morristown? What about along Route 46 (where my hotel is....).


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  1. -Noodle Chu in Parsippany or Hunan Taste in Denville for Chinese (HT is more upscale + has a full bar)
    -Morristown has a lot more options but nothing extraordinary IMO. Sushi Lounge, Olive Lucy, or Origin (Thai) would be my recs there.
    -If you want "Jersey" Italian, Il Villagio on rt 10 in Powder Mill (technically still Parsip) is where I'd go--it's BYO.

    1. Lot's of places are BYOB. Do you need one with a bar?

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      1. re: bropaul

        Si, need a bar. Would prefer eating there than sitting alone at a table anyway.

        1. re: masnole

          Tabor Road Tavern is a tad overpriced for what they do, but it's a great place to dine at the bar... Intersection of rt's 53 and 10.

      2. Go to Collins in Morris Plains. :D

        1. Hunan Taste in Denville, just off 46; Arthur's Tavern in Morris Plains (just across from the train station); and the Auld Shebeen in the Marriott in Whippany on Route 10.

          All are reasonably priced (for the area) and welcoming to solo diners.

          At the Auld Shebeen, you can eat at the bar; not sure about the other two.

          Almost forgot - some of the best Italian food in the area, and outrageous pizza, is at the Reservoir Tavern in Boonton - a short drive from your RT. 46 hotel.

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          1. re: mcsheridan

            Ha.....I know Arthur's... Been awhile though. Used to work down Rt. 10 a bit.

            1. re: masnole

              Under no circumstance should you go to Arthur's over Collins.

              1. re: joonjoon

                Never been to Collins; what would you recommend aside from the much-lauded Monday Lobster Special?

                1. re: mcsheridan

                  Same thing you would get at Arthurs...20 oz ribeye for 17.50, or 8 oz burger for 5.50! Awesome stuff for the money.

                2. re: joonjoon

                  Know Collins too, didn't live far from there. I lived on top of Mt. Freedom, just past the mental kids went to Morris Plains coop

                3. re: masnole

                  Then you know to pass on the steak and have the burger. :)

              2. Sadly, the Square has been taken over by banks and brokerages.