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Apr 22, 2014 07:01 AM

Maine Lunch IPA in Portland??

I'm in Portland for a couple of days and was wondering if anyone has seen Lunch in any of the liquor stores in the area. I can't make it to the brewery but thought I might find it in a store. Thanks.

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  1. I had one on tap at Local 188 last night so they might still be pouring it--

    It usually sells out pretty quickly, I know I pretty much buy some whenever I see it in stock. Places that often have it in stock are Rosemont Markets and RSVP. Bier Cellar does not have it listed as being in stock right now, and I was at Whole Foods earlier today and they didn't have any on the shelves.

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      Thanks. I called Rosemont and they were out. Also stopped by Portland Public Market House. They had just about every other beer from Maine Beer Co, but were out of Lunch. He said they got some in on Friday, but it sold out right away. I'll check a couple more places before I leave to see if I get lucky.

    2. I'm feeling like the beerstalker, but there were a whole bunch of bottles in stock at the Rosemont on Brighton Ave. this afternoon--

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        Funny, I left today and ended up finding a small amount at a local place in Belmont, MA. RSVP had sold out yesterday. Hope it lives up to the hype.

        On a side note, the Portland area has an awesome local beer scene. I tried some IPA's from Banded Horn and In'finity as well as several beers from Oxbow. The freestyle 23 was an imperial stout collaboration between In'finiti and Oxbow and was just fantastic. Wish I picked up some Bissell Brother's cans while I was there. I heard good things and saw it on tap at East Ender. Next time.

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          Lunch is great but their MO might be even better and is far easier to find. Even at Trader Joe's

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            I really love all their takes on different ales--

            Lunch is the only Maine Beer Co. offering that is hard to find and it has more to do with publicity than with making a beer that blows doors on their other offerings. I had a bottle of a tiny beautiful something last night and really liked it too--

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          +1 on the MO. That's my fave so far but I have not have the many many newer ones they have been putting out. Rosemont on Brighton... I love this place and shop all the time because I basically live across the street. I never by beer there because it is way too expensive. It's like Downeast Beverage prices or worse.

          Whole foods is a good place for that kind of stuff. They have good prices and tend to not sell out of stuff very fast.

        3. Heading to Portland on monday, any heads up where I can find MBC beers and other local hoppy offerings on tap in the old port area is much appreciated. Thks.

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            Novare res, little tap house, mamas crow bar. Maybe nosh. Lots of other places prob have MBC. I'd go to mamas crow bar and try to get some cheap oxbow if I were you. If your into the funky saisons at all.

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              Bier Cellar, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods all are within a couple blocks of each other. There's also Rising Tide Brewing and Bunker Brewing right between them too. Also a beer place in the Portland Public Markethouse if you're in Monument Square.

              Glad to read that MBC is brewing their Dinner Double IPA again. That is honestly the best Double IPA I've ever tasted next to Heady

            2. I'm heading up in a couple weeks on days that Bissell Brothers is closed. What are my best bets for finding their cans? I know they list retailers on website, but do any of those places carry it more frequently?