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Apr 22, 2014 06:05 AM

frozen vegetable challenge

I have a bag of mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots) and a bag of spinach in my freezer (peas and artichokes too) and can't get to the store today so will need to use one or more of them as part of dinner.

We usually get fresh vegetables from our farmers market or whole foods so aren't going to steam and eat them as they are now. So, ideas? I know that something like spanakopita is possible but want something without so much butter and fat (I'm actually gluten intolerant).

Any ideas for a good mash, pureed soup, or other use?

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  1. How about a crustless quiche?

    1. Sometimes I prefer frozen spinach to fresh- a different food group. I like to mix it with protein as with eggs in a frittata, or meat in a lasagna. Lately I've added it to meatloaf and here is a chow favorite meatball recipe.
      (I assume you use a rice pasta or another GF version)
      We also prefer frozen peas and add them to mashed potatoes as a topper to cottage pie.

      1. I usually keep a bag of mixed vegetables in the freezer for a quick fried rice or stir fry dish.

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          I'd use the frozen corn, carrot, peas, lima, green bean mix for a stirfry but not the broccoli/cauli/carrot one the OP has. It has big pieces which are quite wet, and cook up with a somewhat spongy texture. It works in a chicken chowder, though.

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            I use frozen broccoli in my fried rice all the time. You can also cut it into smaller pieces or let it thaw out in a colander for a bit.

        2. You could bake mixed veg in a white sauce - it will make very tasty side.

          ETA: here is a recipe:
          I would lightly steam the veggies, pour sauce over and bake for 15-20 min.

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            Or the broc/cauli/carrot mix baked under a cheesy sauce.

          2. Since you are looking for something different - how about Indian - Get a can of chick peas and do a Chana Saag with the spinach - like this and curry the mixed veg maybe a modified Aloo Gobi add some rice and you have a spicy vegetarian Indian feast that will make you forget the frozen origins of your base