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Large rotisserie rental for 150 pound whole pig?

Can anyone recommend a source to rent one of these, preferably in the Arlington/Lexington/Waltham/Woburn area? I have had bad luck in the past using an under-sized rotisserie (the motor couldn't handle the weight of the pig), so I am looking for a large one this time. I don't care if the grill portion underneath in charcoal or gas. I have tried Taylor Rental in Arlington, and their units don't seem quite large enough. Thanks for any help.

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      Unless OP edited their post... I think you missed something - " I have tried Taylor Rental in Arlington, and their units don't seem quite large enough"

      1. re: ylsf

        Didn't see that part earlier.

        My sister's husband rented one from them this past weekend for a 40 lb. dressed lamb and it was large enough to almost have two lambs on it

    2. Wouldn't the pig guy have a source to recommend? Or are you hunting wild boar?

      1. The Greek church in Arlington does whole pigs and lambs on rotisseries for their Greek festival. It might be worth calling to see where they rent them, or if they own them whether they'd rent one to you.

        1. Have you tried the BBQ barn in Arlington?


          Very good people in my experience.

          If they don't rent they might suggest a source.

          1. I recommend you phone Andy Husbands at Tremont 647 in the late afternoon of a weekday. Also the nice guys who own Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington.

            1. Hey let us know how you make out and where you found a big enough rotisserie, thanks

              1. Is that 150 pounds on the hoof, or dressed out? If the latter, that's a big pig!

                1. Your post got me thinking about doing the same, and I did find a place in Connecticut that delivers (although you pay for the delivery) to MA. Have you found anything?

                  1. If you are still looking, I just returned some equipment to a place in Salem called Rent-All and they have a large rotisserie for rent.
                    I didn't see it, but the sign said Perfect For A Pig Roast!

                    1. Thanks for all the replies. I checked out the rotisserie rented by Taylor in Arlington, and followed up with a call to the manufacturer. If the are to be believed, it can handle up to 150 pounds. If the rain delays my pig roast for a week, the slaughter of the pig gets delayed by a week, in which case the pig will likely weigh more like 160 pounds… I believe that the 150 pound weight I have been quoted is for a dressed (head on) pig, which I am purchasing from Brambley Farm.

                      1. Doubt if renting is an option, but live fire hounds should check out Bruce Frankel's (ex of Panache in Cambridge) web site, http://spitjack.com