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Apr 22, 2014 05:51 AM

Restaurant in Nicel

We will be in Nice for one night at the very end of our trip on a Sunday. We are planning to return our car that evening --we can return the car either before or after dinner. We are staying within walking distance of Old Nice. Any restaurant recommendations that are" Nicois in style"would be helpful


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  1. I would head up to The Chateau Chevre D'or in Eze for a meal al fresco that is just unbeatable for the view, service, elegance, romance and simply a once in a lifetime experience

    1. Thanks but we want to stay in Nice--we will be heading back from St Trope and want

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      1. La Merenda is touristy only in that a lot of not-Nicoise people go there. It is, however, in a class by itself for Nice cuisine. It's small, rather uncomfortable as stools are what you sit on, there is only one red wine available, and the food comes rather fast. However, the owner-chef Dominic LeStanc is a former two-star Michelin chef (ex-Negresco) formed by Alain Chapel. In season the tomato tart is memorable, but just about all the Nicoise cuisine dishes are highly-agreeable. Off-season you usually can walk in and get a table, but in the shoulder and high season you run the risk of getting shut out. To get around that, stop in at 7:00 and try to get the waiter to hold a table for you at whatever time he figures there will be one, although arriving at 7:00 may be good enough to gain immediate entry.

        Almost as good, and a couple of doors away, is Lou Pistou. It's throw-back to the good old bistro days with warm and lighthearted attention by the chef's wife and a decent choice with one or two plats du jour. At dinner you can usually walk in and get a table. It's my regular spot even if it's a shade below La Merenda. The food here is local and tasty. More wine and more comfort.

        1. Le Sejour cafe, just off the avenue Victor Hugo- slightly formal atmosphere but lively, pretty with quite delicious food. In the Old Town-Le Bistrot d'Antoine. Delicious chicken, very casual. We were there last week and ate very well in both places. We were staying in Nice and went out of town for two day trips, visiting all the little towns that were close by. I recommend both places,pick the one you like by the mood you're in..

          1. We'll be in Nice three nights, so I have book marked these comments and will report what we find. Thanks!