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Apr 22, 2014 05:34 AM

Goa/Candolim, help!

I'm looking for great food in Goa. I have been fairly discouraged by TripAdvisor, where the three top Goan restaurants are beach shacks, and by the fact that every restaurant seems to offer every type of cuisine (Indian, Indian Chinese, English, the so-called "multicuisine"), which doesn't encourage me about the chef's abilities to cook all of those types of food.

Any recommendations for places to eat, in Candolim or in wider Goa? Thanks!

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  1. I actually didn't mind Foodland, despite the odd name. At least it was fairly cheap, had a good selection of Goan options (try the chilly fry).

    1. I have friends who eat very eel at beach shacks in Goa, but they are pretty selective and don't head to those that are not 100% Indian. I suspect the TA's posters are not really that sussed on food if its like TA in other countries.

      1. I can't help with Candolim but my old post from Ashwem Beach should still be fairly relevant.

        Beach shacks are good eats in Goa as another poster said and we ate very well on Ashwem the 2 times we were there.

        Although the best on Ashwem is not a shack but a French run place called La Plage. People travel from all over the Goa area to eat there, I even met a few people on the beach who said they came to Goa "specifically so they could eat at La Plage, and the beaches were nice too" :-)

        1. I know this is an old thread but still. The thing about shacks is that so many people find a random shack, rave about it, but in reality there's nothing much going for it :/

          Anyway a few non shack places that are really good and have been around for a while:
          1. Florentine, Saligao - the chicken cafreal and chips is to die for. Just that and a beer will suffice nicely.

          2. If you want a nice fish-curry-rice, Kamlabai is a huge hit among the locals, and is just outside Mapusa.

          3. In Candolim I really don't mind Souza Lobo. It's very relaxed to sit near the beach after a swim and have the butter garlic and rava fried stuff. I don't care much for Britto's to be honest. But I would have breakfast at Infantaria.

          4. If you are in Panjim visit Fontainhas - you can find Viva Panjim there which is really really nice - the food is cheap, service a little scatterbrained but Linda Aunty is lovely. When you get rava fried fish, ask for the red (rechado) chutney to be served alongside. Local favorites for goan food are also the new Casa Bhonsale, and the old Ritz Classic. There's also O Cozinherio on the way to dona paula. But easy to get caught up in the multicuisine net in Goa, sadly.