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Apr 22, 2014 04:15 AM

Shopping around Noto, Sicily

Could you please give me any advice on shopping for food in or around Noto? We are renting a house in the middle of nowhere between Noto and Rosolini, closer to Noto. Where could I do my daily shopping?

It'll be the first week of June, so I'm looking forward to great cherries, maybe apricots and other friut, as well as fresh veggies and fish. Is there any market in Noto? Or any good shops with fresh produce? I'd hate to go to Italy and shop in a supermarket...

Also, I'd like to ask for any good pizzerias or other kid-friendly faster-food restaurants with outdoor seating but really great food, in or around Noto. Thanks very much!

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  1. IN case you dont get more specific reccs, I bet your landlord could give you this info! if its like elsewhere in smalltown Italy, there will certainly be small fruit and veg, butcher, groceries, wine and oil shops, pastry shops and bakeries which can meet your needs in the nearby towns, and likely a weekly market day in each where a larger market occurs. You can also pick up things in the towns you visit in your touring. There are also some supermarkets in the area

    1. Make sure you go to Caffe Siciliana in Noto, which has fabulous pastries and granita.

      1. Not exactly what you asked for, but in the area make sure to visit just south of Noto the Calamosche beach, which is at the northen edge of the Vendicari Nature Reserve, and just further south the beautiful tiny coastside town of Marzameni, which has many outdoor seating restaurants with lots of kids around.

        There is a really great restaurant in Noto, Crocifisso, that has the best antipasto and swordfish.