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Apr 22, 2014 02:33 AM

Can anyone suggest a place to purchase excellent naan?

We are having work done on our home, so not much cooking is happening. I'd like to make some shashuska (one dish, won't generate too much mess), but I can't see my way to making naan in the chaos that surrounds me. I'm particular about eating good bread, so I hope someone can steer me to some good naan. (No problem to use the oven to heat it up; I just can't make my own yeast breads at this time.)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. First place I'd check out is Crescent Moon Bakery up on Central Ave. in Minneapolis.

    1. The best Indian flatbreads are IMO from Everest on Grand. The naan are light, puffy, crispy outside, and twice as big as the average naan.

      But you know naan should be eaten fresh out of the tandoor or else it just becomes chewy flatbread.

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      1. The frozen naan from Trader Joe's is pretty decent, though not as good as homemade.