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Apr 21, 2014 08:36 PM

Good lunch ideas for friends?

Okay so I am trying to make my friends something that they will all like, but they all have very different tastes.

friend 1: hates fish, likes fruits and veges, can't have dairy

friend 2: loves cheese, hates fruits and veges and dislikes chicken

Please help (TT.TT)

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  1. So both like beef and pork? That would allow for hamburgers, roast beef or pulled pork sandwiches, or tacos. You can have options ... With or without cheese, etc and salads and chips on the side.

    Chili might work too, and guessing there are some pasta dishes the non-veg lover would go for.

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    1. How about making up several share plates? Each guest can assemble his/her own meal, to suit. Grilled/roast meat. A rice dish. Your favorite vegetable or two. Platter with an array of cheese, nuts, chocolate and dried fruits for "afters". As older adults, each with particular dietary needs, we often serve dinner with friends this way.

      1. Breakfast for lunch: omelets, bacon, waffles, home fries, toast, juice, coffee. Any or all options.

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          my other friends are bringing somethings over too, and one of them are bringing some breakfast foods.

        2. taco bar. pasta with sauce and sausage (or ground beef, meatballs, whatever). fried rice. really, a lot of asian options; stirfry, rice bowls (think bibimbap), etc (especially top-your-own) would work.

          could serve something like grilled pb&j, or a sesame noodle dish with shrimp or something.

          will your veg/fruit-hating friend consume veggies in a dish (ie, on top of bibimbap, cooked in fried rice, in a BLT, etc), or is s/he totally opposed to plant material altogether?

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            My friends are sort of very picky with Asian food cause they are Asian themselves. I was taught how to make some dishes that my not be up to their standards.

            The only tie I have ever seen my friend eat a vegetable is when she ate broccoli covered in cheese. Though she really hates broccoli and won't eat it if I made it. I asked her but she told me no broccoli.

          2. Taco rice, each adding their own toppings.

            Cook up ground beef or pork with taco seasonings, and serve on steamed white rice (short grain). Provide shredded cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato and chopped jalepenos for toppings, and garnish with a few tortilla chips (or cheesy doritos, if you want to be really authentic).

            Friend 1 can do veggies but no cheese, friend 2 does cheese but no veggies.

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            1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

              i got the dislikes veg, but was wondering how strong the prejudice was (ie, dislikes salad but will eat a tomato on a sandwich, vs NO on veg...) :-)

              1. re: chartreauxx

                my friend would never put anything close to a vegetable on her food and she hates tomatoes