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Apr 21, 2014 08:28 PM

Costa del Sol recs needed for the summer

We will be spending a month in Elviria area (by Cabopino) close to Marbella town and would like local places to eat at. Our requirement is just plain good food….not mediocre touristsy places. I know it is loaded there with places catering to British, Germans, Russians, etc but as long as they also have good local fare (seafood, tapas, paellas)is ok. Thanks.

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  1. It's now some years since we last stayed on the Costa - a fortnight at Estepona which is, probably, the least touristy town along the coast - although still plenty of we north Europeans. I'm loathe to make specific recommendations at this distance in time but the town should still provide good eats.

    The village of Benahavis is often touted as the "gastro centre" of the Costa and with some justification. For a small place, lots of restaurants of decent quality, together with the area hospitality college where many of the regions chefs and servers will have trained.

    As you've already noted, tapas and simply fried seafood are the best bets.

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      Thanks for the tips. It's been a while since we ate in Estepona. It was a small box restaurant, can't recall the name but lots of locals and the best 'tocino del cielo' I had ever. Will check out Benahavis then...

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        I recall a really excellent small place in the town centre which did absolutely bang-on seafood. Enter the main plaza from the sea side and walk straight across, leaving by the small alley on the other side. It's only a short alley - at the end, there's another alley left & right, but the restaurant is right in front of you, with many of tis tables on the alley.

        Assuming its still there, and still as good, I can thoroughly recommend it. Very busy with locals from about 10pm but easy for we north Europeans to eat earlier, as we usually do and easily get a table at around 8.30 - 9.00.

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          thanks for this. will sniff it out for sure.