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Apr 21, 2014 06:28 PM

New Yorker's first time in Vegas

Hi all,

I'm going to Vegas for four days and need some recommendations! I grew up in NY and love good food. I eat out regularly and enjoy keeping up with the food scene in NYC but do not know anything about Vegas dining apart from the fact that a lot of big-name restaurants have made their way over there. I'm not really interested in going to an amazing steakhouse or celebrity chef restaurant, unless it's really really worth it (and ideally doesn't have a branch in NYC). I'd also like to avoid too much of a scene. I need:

One high-end dinner recommendation
1-2 additional dinner recommendations, can be more casual (still sit down) but good food.
Recommendation for dinner before or after a 7:30pm show
Lunch spots!
A place that's open very early (6am) for breakfast.

We are staying at the Bellagio.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Will you have a car? Any types cuisine off limits? What price range for each meal?

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    1. re: Eric

      not sure yet about a car, maybe not. would like to stay below $100/$150 for the nicer meals.

      1. From a fellow New Yorker: Do you do most of your dining in Manhattan? I'm trying to recommend cuisines that are less available or not as good in New York. Just as an example, Viva Las Arepas might not seem special to you if you try them in the best places in Queens, but it is far superior to any Venezuela or Colombian place I've found in Manhattan.

        1. To add to Dave's post....also a former NewYawker....can you give us more of an idea as to likes/dislikes?

          1. Pierre Gagnaire's Twist for dinner. Nothing you can find like it in NYC, in my opinion.

            Breakfast - Peppermill - classic Vegas and open 24/7.

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            1. Let me offer a "Vegas suggestion"....The Bootlegger Bistro. A 24/7 "old Vegas" "red sauce" restaurant owned by the same person/family for decades. As featured on Anthony Bourdain's CNN show a week ago, this is what Vegas always was and, for the most part, you can't find anymore. Monday night is open mic night with Clint Holmes wife, Kelly (a tv/singer personality in her own right) hosting a wide range of professional and semi-professionals who come on to sing a little...then go to their gigs elsewhere. The rest of the week there is always a lounge singer/band in the main dining room up front that you can watch while having your garlic from the oven...with Momma's homemade gravy (sauce), your lobster fra diavolo or veal parm with a side of fettucini alfredo. Before you leave, don't forget to give a wave to the huge oil painting of Steve & Eydie next to the door in the bar, that's VEGAS!!
              PS: One of the best pepperoni bar pies in the town.