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Apr 21, 2014 06:02 PM

Thursday lunch in Houston

We have a layover at IAH with parents to pick us up and drive us around. Where would you go for a nice lunch on a Thursday? Hugo's is a favorite but will we have time? We have 4-5 hours and I saw the previous post about restaurants in the area, just wonder if we could venture further?

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  1. Time depends on when you expect to exit and return to the airport. Any time close to rush hour - fuhgeddaboutit.

    1. The same area as Hugo's has tons of great restaurants, so you don't necessarily have to venture further for great food. You can get to/from Hugo's from IAH in an hour (or less, depending on traffic). I think you have time. Do you have another kind of food you're interested in? That would help us give you better suggestions.

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        We like all types of food from Vietnamese to Italian to French to American to Mexican and beyond. Any thoughts about d'amico?

      2. If you like Hugo's, chef Hugo Ortega has several other restaurants in Houston. You might consider Backstreet Cafe, although the time in traffic will be longer. His newest offering, Caracol, has been earning rave reviews, but I'd be even more concerned about traffic.

        1. IAH to downtown takes ~1/2 hour when not busy and can take more than 1 hour when busy. If it turns out (due to late arrival) that you are pressed for time, there is always Pappadeaux in terminal E. There are several good Vietnamese places in Houston. For Thai, there is always the "Telephone Thai" (Kanomwon) on Telephone Road. Lunchtimes only, you have Treebeards for Cajun.

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            It can take quite a few minutes just to get out of the airport, it is a big place. I'd do the safe bet and go to Pappadeaux for baked oysters Baton Rouge, reliable frying, and fish in a butter crab sauce.


          2. My "go-to" spot just south of IAH is JImmy G's.
            Much less worry than going to/from downtown.

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              I've posted about Jimmy G's before after meeting my brother there. Nice place and a close cab ride. I would leave a minimum of an hour to downtown, bare minimum.

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                Is jimmy g's anything like willie g's used to be in the 80's?