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Apr 21, 2014 05:05 PM

Pastries? Pies? Donuts? Bread?

Love them, can't get enough of them. Whenever I take a trip out of town, I research this topic extensively, planning my visit carefully & strategically around said baked goods. I will be visiting from Los Angeles, and would love some tips on the great, can't miss spots.

My love for rustic French pastries, artisanal breads & pies, worth the splurge donuts runs deep. A few places on my radar-
Ken's Artisan
Pearl Bakery
Little T
Pie Spot
Two Tarts Bakery
Blue Star Donuts

Is there any place I should skip? Can't miss? Any I missed? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check out Lovejoy Bakery, Maurice and Sugar Cube to see if any of them fit the bill.

    1. Maurice, Sugar Cube, Roman Candle (not far from Little T)

      Some folks love Fleur de Lis (though I have not been there) which is not all that far from Bakeshop.

      And Frice, the new Chefstable bakery just opened recently up on N. Williams...and is a place I would check out, if I was on the hunt.

      1. These recommendations look great! What an amazing array of bakeries Portland has!

        Tough question, as taste can be quite subjective, but if one had to narrow down the choices to top six, what would they be? I do prefer French style pastry, shards of croissant leaving a mess behind me, over Danish style.

        Also, is the Pie Spot worthwhile? Nothing sadder than a pie ruined by tough crust(except maybe a soft croissant).

        Any excellent cookies(bitter chocolate, cacao nib, tea etc..) that travel well to bring back home?

        Thank you again for your guidance!

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          Oops, forgot about Nuvrei...another good one. Their laminated dough (croissants, etc.) is very good, as is Pearl Bakery and Little T's.

          Well, if you are looking for pie and biscuits, the best place in town for that is Lauretta Jean's, IMO (also on SE Division, near Roman Candle, not far from Little T's). ;o)

          Lauretta Jean's also makes great cookies, as does Little T.

          Two Tarts make mostly cookies (they just added cakes to their wares less than a year ago). And in addition to their shop, they are also at the Saturday PSU Farmers' Market in the South Park Blocks (which you should not miss if you are here on a Saturday morning, btw). They make great cookies and use the best ingredients, but they make small cookies, not big 3"+ diameter cookies...if that makes a difference for you.

          I'd think about location too. All of the SE Division places (mentioned above) are fairly close to each other, you could try different things at each and hit them all. Bakeshop and Fleur de Lis are in the same part of town, close enough with a car. Blue Star donuts is not far from Maurice, just a short walk. Nuvrei and Pearl Bakery are very close too.

          I don't think that Pie Spot is anything that special, frankly, though I do think that Lauretta Jean's is.

          1. re: JillO

            Thanks for all the info! Lauretta Jean looks amazing, so i've swapped it out with Pie Spot. I'm so looking forward to devouring my way through sweet Portland. :)

        2. Tilt, which is mostly a burger and beer place, for pies. No, really. Excellent pies and tarts.

          Blue Star for donuts, definitely.

          1. Excellent list.
            Add Lauretta Jean & Sugar Cube. Maurice.
            Owner of Bakeshop is an LA refugee. Her stuff is carried at coffee shops including Ristretto, also the coffee cart on SW Alder between 10-11th.

            Oh and in light of your name: Cheese Bar.

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            1. re: Leonardo

              Omg Cheese Bar! Cheese, meat, & beer, how could I say no to that? Thanks for the rec!