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Apr 21, 2014 04:41 PM

Farm Burger in Asheville, NC (:o(

When Farm Burger first opened in Asheville its hamburgers were wonderful, juicy, tasty and cooked to order. I prefer my nearly raw and they would comply with my request. Unfortunately, the last two visits were very disappointing. The most recent visit was Easter Sunday 2014 around noon and the place was nearly empty. I ordered my burger extra rare and my spouse ordered one rare. Both arrived medium, not even medium rare. They were dry and almost tasteless. This is the same experience about six months ago. I doubt if we will try them again. Why, oh why, does an establishment that starts out so great degenerate? The staff is friendly, the service is good and the atmosphere in unpretentious. Nevertheless, their burger are not worth the price anymore.

There must be places near Asheville where one can get cooked-to-order high-quality hamburgers. Wish I knew where they were.

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  1. Did you inform the friendly, competent wait staff that your burger was overlooked and give them a chance to fix it?

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      No, I did not for two reasons. First, since this was the second time this occurred I decided that "Farm Burger" was off my list. Besides, it upsets my wife if I make a fuss. Second, we were going to the "Fine Arts" theater around the corner and time was growing short.

      P.S. I think I emphasized my point when I ordered my hamburger and said: "If they want to leave it uncooked, that's fine with me."

      1. re: sbken

        That's certainly your option, but politely pointing out a problem doesn't equal "making a fuss". I wasn't suggesting you go postal on anyone. I just think a restaurant deserves a chance to fix a problem.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          Not to mention if they don't know about it, they may not realize there is an issue in the kitchen.

      2. re: carolinadawg

        Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I little out of our area. "Farm Burger" is ideally located for a fast meal when we're doing other things in downtown Asheville.

      3. My absolute pet peave. I cannot abide a burger north of rare, and like you prefer bloody. And sending a meal back is always kind of a downer, even if they eventually fix it.

        1. My husband was raving about the burger at Ambrozia the other day, and they will cook to order. If y'all haven't tried Ambrozia yet, you should...excellent little neighborhood place in North Asheville near Beaver Lake.

          1. The last time we went was late summer of last year. My wife and I both ordered med. and got med. well. That was bad enough. But we also ordered grilled onions, which apparently weren't drained properly, if at all, and turned the entire sandwich into a limp, soggy mess. We haven't been back since, and based on the above, it doesn't sound like things have improved.

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            1. re: Jeff C.

              Jeff: Just a quick reply. I did want to give them feedback even though we won't go there again. I though I could do so on their Web page. as far as I can tell there are no means, other than calling, to provide them feedback.

            2. Those Ambrozia burgers look interesting. Might have to give them a try. The burger at Ben's Tune Up, with ground beef, pork, and white kimchi, used to be really good, but now they've slipped as well. Who else has a good one?

              I have to say that, in general, AVL is not much of burger town, esp. compared to, say, Nashville, where you can get a great burger in almost any part of town. (Rotier's, Burger Up, Pharmacy Burger, etc.)

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              1. re: Jeff C.

                The burgers at Universal Joint are pretty tasty and they seem to be able to cook them to my medium-rare liking.

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  My husband really liked the one he had at The Junction, but that was before chefs changed, so don't know about now. I believe Storm will cook to order also. They do a special every Mon. night (burgers and beer $10 I think?).

                  We did a "dog fight" a few years ago and tried to find the best hot dog (rule was, place had to have "hot dog" in the name to be considered LOL) and now he wants to do a "Burger Brawl". If we do, I'll report our findings! :-)

                  1. re: Scirocco

                    Speaking of dogs, Seven Sows is now serving Jeremy Hardcastle's hot hogs for lunch. Those are hands down the best I've had locally.

                    1. re: Jeff C.

                      I'm not crazy about the burgers at Storm. Too thick, too dry, too bland. Wicked Weed's are only ok as well which is a shame because I love the rest of their food. My favorite burgers in town are Ambrozia and Homegrown. Avenue M is solid as well. And I've never had a bad experience at FarmBurger...then again, i like mine with a warm pink center. Friends rave about UJ's too.

                  2. re: Jeff C.

                    Isa's Bistro Downtown-the Duane's Double Burger is the best burger in town

                    They use to do 1/2 price Burgers on Tuesdays, but have switched back and forth from doing it one week and not doing it the next, that I have no idea whether they still have it.

                    It's a $12 burger but more than worth it.