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Apr 21, 2014 04:15 PM

Peking Duck, what happened to the old buns?

Not sure when it changed. But when I was younger 70's-80's. I remember peking duck was served with awesome buns. Nice, round, fluffy, and with a red mark on top. Now all I see are the thin hard half moon shaped buns/pancakes. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Can you still find a place that serves the old style buns with peking duck. Used to be one of my favorites now meh.

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  1. That Peking Duck from the 70's-80's was actually Cantonese roast duck. The steamed, round buns that you got were made from rice and are Cantonese in origin. In contrast, true Peking Duck from Northern China is generally served with thin, circular crepes made from wheat.

    1. the buns you describe are an old school dim sum style. have not been to that type of place for decades. and remember, the old school technique for the surface spritzing on steamed buns to make them glossy was water sprayed directly from the cook's mouth.

      1. But why the complete takeover of the newer style? I can't be the only one that preferred the old style. Now it's either that crepe or the dense half moon shaped bun split in the middle.

        As far as the shine. I don't care how the sausage is made...:p

        1. Great China has buns with tea-smoked duck, but pancakes with peking duck.

          1. If it helps: We were at by invitation pre-New Year fundraiser event where the buns were fluffy (and the skin perfect), but alas, didn't pay attention to the catering source. Agreed, Northern pancakes pale in comparison.