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Apr 21, 2014 03:16 PM

Best Bowl of Red in San Antonio?


I've used the search function but can't find much of anything on the best bowl of red (real Texas chili) that I can find in San Antonio or surrounds.

I'm looking for the real deal chili, not some gussied up city stuff. Just hot and brick colored, no beans.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Can't think of any place in SA but would love to know. If nothing comes up, you may want to drive the 70 miles to Austin and check out the Texas Chili Parlour. Lots of flavor and elevate the heat to your liking. If we get another cool spring day, I think I'll go. :)

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    1. re: Rene

      I was trying to stay out of Austin, but if I have to, I may just get there.


    2. This is funny. A year or so ago I was planning a trip to SA and was going to post here about where to find chili but decided it would be a waste of time. Looks like I was right.

      I did find this place:

      It's not exactly clear from the menu that they serve chili by the bowl, per se, but reviews on YELP indicate they do. Looks like something worth trying (I never made the trip so can't report).

      I tend to avoid Austin myself but if you do head up that way you also might check out Shady Grove; I've heard good things about the chili there but, again, have never had it. I did have the supposedly house made chili at Waterloo Ice House a few years back, a local chain, and thought it was mediocre. A lot of places that claim to make their own chili from scratch seem to go to some extent to make it taste like one of the canned products.

      Best wishes on your quest and please post back here if you find anything else.

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        Thanks. It so happens I got back from my trip to San Antonio just yesterday, and did not go to great lengths to find chili since I realized it was tough to find. I did, however, have some very fine Tex Mex as Rosario's, Cascabel Mexican Patio (the best birria I've ever had) and Nicha's for breakfast.

        The food right on the River Walk was appallingly expensive and poorly prepared. Really awful.

      2. And that's too bad. The Riverwalk used to be a fun place to go and no matter what the food you got was good to excellent. Now because of the hordes of tourists, you get served mostly crap because they bet on you won't be back since you're a visitor. If you want real Tex-Mex you have to venture beyond the Riverwalk. Give me a breakfast at Tito's over Mi Tierra any morning and I'll be happy

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          I was very impressed with Nicha's breakfast, and would definitely go back to explore more of the menu at Cascabel Mexican Patio if I ever return to San Antone.