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Apr 21, 2014 01:08 PM

Visiting from Chicago - looking for Saturday night dinner ideas...

Hey all - coming in to the Bay Area for a weekend trip with the girlfriend. Looking for a good diner spot for this upcoming Saturday night.

We'll be fresh off a couple days in wine country - we're doing dinner @ Ad Hoc on Thursday, and then Girl & The Fig (Sonoma) on Friday. So looking for something other than New American

Since we're a little late in looking, we're hoping for somewhere that either doesn't take reservations (we're fine eating really early or very late if necessary) or still has reservations available.

We're staying a Le Meridien in the the Financial District, so somewhere within a mile or two of there would be preferable.

Would prefer a mid-tier price point - hopefully no more than $120-$150 for both of us after drinks/tip/tax.

Open to any and all types of food (including asian/china-town). Chicago has great regional mexican (Bayless restaurants, etc.) & meat-centric spots, so perhaps nothing in those two categories. Maybe a seafood focus?

I've looked at around at various sushi options, but nothing seemed to stand out there? Also considering La Mar, so any opinions there would be appreciated.

Thanks for any and all ideas.

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  1. Since you are relatively close to North Beach and you are interested in seafood, I would go early to Sotto Mare, probably the best cioppino available.

    Other great places walking distance to you would be Piperade (Basque) and Kokkari (Greek) - both upscale and easy to get into if you are willing to dine early.

    1. Barbacco has tables available whenever.

      Aquitaine has been dead quiet on Saturdays.