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Apr 21, 2014 12:31 PM

NYC Hound looking for beer/food recs in Brussels, Copenhagen and Malmo

Heading to those three places next week and although I've been doing a lot of searching and planning I would love some additional recs if possible. Right now we plan to start of in Brussels. We're really into beer so our first stop will be Cantillon Saturday possibly followed by Cafe la bro after. Is this an easy walk from Cantillon? That night we plan on being out of whack and jet legged so maybe just grabbing something quick and easy for dinner before passing out like Bia Mara.

Sunday we plan to take a trip out to In de Verzeking tegen de Grote Dorst. I know that's a bit of a bus ride but it sounds totally different and the beer selection looks great. Thinking of heading back into the city afterwards and doing a mini bar/food crawl there. Moeder Lambic, La Mort Subite and Pierre Marcolini are on the list. We would love to get a delicious pot of mussels and frites but all the reviews I've read seem very hit or miss. Any help for a good restaurant to indulge in these would be wonderful.

Sweden is next. We heard we must get Gyro Pizza somewhere, not sure if there is a specific place that makes the best? Then we have reservations at Bastard for dinner. Is this a good choice? We'll probably swing by the chocolate factory/brewery while we're there because those two things just sound perfect together.

In Copenhagen we are lucky enough to be going to NOMA for lunch. We also have brunch reservations planned at Manfred and Vin and lunch at Aamans. Besides those places we could really use some suggestions. We plan to spend a lot of time at Mikkeller Bar and Mikkeller and Friends. I would love a place where I could grab a salad or some sandwiches. I was looking at Grams Laekkerier for those. Then thinking maybe we would need another place for dinner one or two nights. Thoughts on Tight, Brasserie Degas, Toga Vin?

Any help is much appreciated. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with all of the amazing restaurants to choose from. Thanks!

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  1. You are aware that In de Verzeking tegen de Grote Dorst is only open from 10.00 to 13.30? And you are aware this is a pub, not a brewery?
    I would recommend instead you go to de Heeren van Liedekercke or de Drie Fonteinen, both of which are open longer than three and half hours per week and will offer you a meal in addition to beer.

    Sweden for pizza?

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      Yes we aware of this fact. We're planning to get up early and take the bus out there on Sunday. Is it easy to get to Drie Fonteinen from the center of Brussels? And yes apparently "Gyro pizza" is a big thing in Sweden...Malmo at least:)

    2. I'm in Copenhagen now. Lucky you for getting a res at noma I wasn't so lucky. Just ate at Aamanns deli (not restaurant) for the smorabrod and it was very good. For salad/sandwich I like Bang and Jenson, do not miss Dyrehavn for breakfast and their avocado toast and we had dinner at Pate Pate last night and really enjoyed it. All except Aamanns are in the Vesterbro area.

      1. I am probably too late, but when we were in Brussels last, we found a huge number of seafood restaurants at St. Catherine's Square.

        1. howdy, i'm headed to copenhagen/stockholm in a little over a month, so would love to hear what you thought about all those places