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Apr 21, 2014 12:29 PM

Anyone use Plated/ Blue Apron/ Hello Fresh? What Other choices are in the area?

I've recently realized that a weekly 3-dinner x 2ppl "service" would
1) reduce my 4x a week restaurant habit
2) increase my ability to eat at more $$$$ places
3) possibly allow me to have dinner before 8

So, I'm shopping the "kit delivery" places that would deliver to 22192.
My local Dream Dinners franchisee retired and now the closest is in MD-- too far for a bimonthly jaunt.

I DO use OAMC* strategies, but I feel I'm really lacking in the fresh and veg area when I do that, which was also a DD issue for me.

What Other Services deliver in NoVA 22192?
So far, I'm researching Blue Apron, Plated, HelloFresh, and HealthyBitesFood.

Also, soliciting general experience stories here:


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  1. I have a friend who began purchasing from Blue Apron last summer. Part of the reason was that I was convalescing from a hip revision at her house and she wanted me healthy and out of there ASAP! She likes to cook but hates to shop. At the time you had a limited choice from Blue Apron: either vegetarian, or meat, poultry and fish. She does not eat fish, so it was always vegetarian. It was pretty good. Now, they have moderated their choices so if you don't eat fish, you can choose dinners that include meat and poultry but not fish, and I've had a couple of those lately. There was a period in early fall where it seemed like they were giving out the bottom of the produce bin, but that has improved as of late. The dinners were supposed to be for two, but we found that we could invite a couple over we are friends with and have enough food for four. Some of it is fantastic, some not so much, but I liked the concept. I saw the guys from Plated on Shark Tank, and I couldn't see how their concept could succeed.

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      Thank you!

      So you'd feel fairly certain that B A would make, easily, enough for a big dinner plus one take to work lunch?

      1. re: Kris in Beijing

        Sorry for the late reply Kris. Yeah, definitely. And it turned me on to some things that I had not tried before, like the grain Farro.

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      1. interesting as in the 19th and early 20thc. very few cooked at home (for many reasons that I won't go into here) and subscribed to such services, which is why I believe most DC kitchens are still so pitifully small.

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        1. re: hill food

          Yep. Not an unusual situation worldwide.
          Many people are familair with A Christmas Carol so they [maybe] know that people "sending out" the goose wasn't something that was done only by the wealthy.

          1. re: Kris in Beijing

            yeah I'm sure it wasn't particular to DC, just there were so many who didn't really 'set-up' or bring their family since they followed the Congress schedule. (Brit diplo corps got hazard pay for taking the assignment what with the malaria and cholera back then)

        2. Haven't tried it, but have heard of a local one called ScratchDC that has rave reviews all over the (internet) place.

          1. I have tried Hello Fresh. I loved the recipes but they have a quality control problem. Several times we received boxes where the ice packs were only under the meat. We are home when our boxes are delivered and unpack right away, we have measured the temperature of our chicken to be 64 degrees, shrimp 56 degrees and ricotta cheese and mozzarella 80 degrees. Though we loved the idea we were having to throw out food and go to the store to replace items just so we could have the meals. We found this defeats the purpose. Our last call to Hello Fresh put us in touch with a young man who evidently was quoting text and did not understand the importance of keeping foods chilled properly. We would love to have a service like this but do require that our meats/cheese be safe to eat. Oh they will put a can of beans on the ice pack side to protect them as I was told "they are a protein so they need to be cold."