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Apr 21, 2014 11:28 AM

White Plains

Going to be in White Plains for one night - staying at the Renaissance Wechester. What is a great, local place that our group of 3 should try out? Love hole in the wall places and our price range is around 50-75 per person including tip.

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  1. Do you mean the Renaissance off Westchester Ave? You know you won't be in downtown WP?
    What type of cuisine do you like, hole in the wall or otherwise? Lots of good places in the area, but you'll certainly need to drive/cab.

    1. Will anyone in your group have a car? If so, I highly recommend you head to Port Chester rather than White Plains. There are lots of choices of restaurants--you'd be find just parking and wandering around until you find a place that catches your fancy.

      Among my personal favorites in Port Chester are Inca and Gaucho (Peruvian/Argentinian), Los Gemolos (a tortillaria), Aqui Es Santa Fe (Colombian), Acuario (Peruvian, emphasis on seafood), and El Misti (Peruvian rotisserie chicken, bit upscale). All are close to the train station/Capital Theater area. All will keep you well within or under your price range.

      Tandoori is a really good Indian place. Across from there is Q, for terrific barbeque.

      Tarry Lodge, a Mario Batali restaurant, might be pushing your price range but it depends how you order. I haven't eaten there, but you can do a search on Chowhound to see what others have to say.

      I'm not saying White Plains doesn't have good restaurants. But since you'll have to drive/cab no matter where you eat if you don't eat at the hotel, you're just as close to Port Chester where there are much more interesting and affordable options.

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        wow, thanks for that list! seems like a hike from ossining?

        1. re: Elisa515

          I agree with PC instead of WP ... and I also recommend Los Gemelos and El Misti (although I wouldn't consider it upscale).

          Have to disagree on Tandoori, I was not impressed at all. If you want Indian I would highly recommend Himilaya in Harrison.

          I heard that Tarry Lodge is closed.

          1. re: decayny

            Where did you hear Tarry Lodge was closed?

            1. re: decayny

              Tarry Lodge was advertising for servers last week, so they are not closed, nor plan to.

              1. re: JMF

                Oops, my bad. I was thinking of the Willet House in Port Chester. They just closed recently.

              2. re: decayny

                My preference isn't for Indian food in general, but I mentioned it since my family members like Tandoori and mentioning it gives some variety in terms of cuisines.

                And I agree, El Misti isn't objectively "upscale," but it's more upscale than the hole-in-the-wall that the OP mentioned.

            2. Emma's Ale house in WP's. Love it.

              1. Emma's is great. Get the bloody mary to start and snack on the warm pretzel & mustard, order the filet sandwich, switch to the cab or merlot, relax, and have a great night.