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Apr 21, 2014 10:48 AM

Help - Good, Healthy Italian or American Cuisine in Pasadena Area?


trying to book a restaurant for friends and need a recommendation for:

*** Pasadena ***

+ Good Italian or American Cuisine with Healthy Options (viz., Whole Wheat Pasta, or for American, good selection of Veggies in addition to the usual meat selections).

+ Sunday Dinner.

The Whole Wheat Pasta isn't a deal-breaker, but it'd be great if it had it. If it's delicious enough, i think they don't mind.

thanx in advance! :>

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  1. Best Italian in the Pasadena area is Settebello, but no pasta -- whole wheat or otherwise. If you need to have pasta and/or whole wheat pasta, then try Gale's.

    American? Parkway Grill or Crossings.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      2nd Gale's if you want whole wheat pasta, they'll do it. Or you could get the sauteed salmon. Good Italian in Pasadena.

    2. Bruce Kalman's new place, Union (in Old Town), does farm-to-table Cal-Italian food; I notice there's a spelt cavatelli on the menu:

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      1. re: happycat

        Only been once a couple days into opening, but Union is very promising. Good recc.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Does it have to be destination dining? Tender Greens, Lemonade, all have great healthy options.

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            yah, it's a partial special occasion they're celebrating, so TG and L don't really fit the bill that way, but i like Tender Greens a lot. :> thanx.

          2. Hey, folks, the 'are carbs healthy?' debate is a huge one and much too big to happen within a thread like this. The original post is pretty clear on what their criteria for a restaurant is, so please make suggestions in that vein rather than debating whether their criteria is appropriate. Thanks.