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Apr 21, 2014 10:48 AM

Wedding venue

My daughter and fiancée are planning a small intimate wedding - 20-25 people, to be followed by a reception elsewhere. They'd like a private dining experience in a picturesque setting - or at least something with charm and good food - within 2 hours of Boston. They are open to any suggestions - price range, urban/suburban. Ceremony on site may or may not be part of the event.
Thanks for any ideas....

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  1. Oleana does weddings in their lovely backyard garden for parties under I believe 50. It has to be an afternoon wedding, but the food quality is about as good as you can get.

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    1. re: VintageMolly

      I’ve heard raves for Oleana weddings from friends who are chefs.

      1. Crane Estate in Ipswich overlooking the ocean at Cranes Beach, breathtaking views!!

        1. the herb lyceum at gilson's farm is lovely.

          also check out historic new england which includes old estates like the lyman estate and the codman carriage house. their event planners will help with all the caterers, linens, etc.

          are they looking to book for 2014? i hope not this summer!

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            My brother got married at the Lyman Estate. Unfortunately, it rained and there were better choices if they had considered the weather might not cooperate. Their wedding was much larger, and I didn't like how everyone was split up into different rooms. It wouldn't be my first choice.

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              a party of 20 wouldn't need to be split up.

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                I understand that. Just trying to make the point that what makes the Lyman Estate so special are the grounds.

          2. Tupper Manor in Beverly Farms is a lovely setting. I don't know what day of the week your daughter is thinking about, but it might be late for wedding venues unless you just go with a restaurant with the type of setting they are looking towards.

            My daughter is getting married this year and she booked a year ago.

            Good luck in your search.

            1. We're looking at fall of 2015 - and thinking of a restaurant or place that does the food. Herb Lyceum is a place I need to contact. Oleana sounds good (I know the food is...), as well, but the fiancée is looking for something with a connection to nature, outdoors, etc.

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                You might investigate the Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton and the Wayside Inn in Sudbury for restaurants with lovely settings that can accommodate weddings.



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                  Habitat is a lovely secluded Mass. Audubon property/estate in Belmont but you would need to bring in a caterer.Lovely gardens, walking trails and grounds.

                  Maybe Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, headqrters for Mass. Audubon.

                  Codman House in Lincoln, a large Federal estate with gardens and pastures, has a carriage house for events.
                  Owned by Historic New England which has many other venues.

                  Elm Bank is large Wellesley estate /hdqrters for Mass. Horticultural Society with lots of gardens and walking trails. Lovely bldg for catered events, though very large.
                  Ditto the Paine Estate/Stonehurst in Waltham.

                  Camb. Historical Society's 18th c. house on historic Brattle St. is excellent for a small group like this, but again, you bring in the caterer, and not really a 'nature' place.

                  I know all these places well. Given the groom's request and the size of the group, Habitat would be my first choice- less formal and more intimate than the others.

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                    It doesn't have any ocean or forest vista, for sure, and I understand the desire for that, but the garden at Oleana is truly an intimate, beautiful place. When I can't get out of the city to a true "in nature" spot, I love to go there to get an immersion dose of nature. It is a true oasis in the city. Bonus: by checking it out, you get to eat the meze!

                    You've gotten lots of great suggestions for beautiful settings. I don't know if she does weddings, but

                    is a beautiful setting, and small.