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Apr 21, 2014 09:18 AM

Kitchen Nightmares recaps is doing a feature of recapping Kitchen Nightmares by writer Alison Leiby. Pretty entertaining stuff. I read her last two, haven't looked to see if she did one on the episode which features the place which must not be mentioned....

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  1. I don't understand kitchen nightmares, why do the owners get so defensive about the food they put out?

    Didn't they contact Fox because they were going down?

    I would love ramsey to say-if your food is so great why did you ask for my help?

    Guess that wouldn't be good tv ;)

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    1. re: madeliner

      He says that almost every episode. He usually tells them they're delusional or in denial.

      1. re: acgold7

        He does ask that. What I'd prefer he ask is if the owners / chefs / staff eat the food. Everyone seems so clueless about the troubles they are having - right up until he finds whatever disgusting stuff they have hidden in the walk-in. Then they fling themselves at his feet saying they had no idea it had gotten so bad. The staff knows. Do they eat the food?

        1. re: acgold7

          I wonder why I never noticed that, I do remember the delusion comments tho

          Has anyone seen the last 2 ?

          I actually liked the lady with the Italian restaurant a week ago- it was in Colorado, she seemed like a nice person. I hope she makes it.

          1. re: madeliner

            Most of them also need individual & family therapy. GR yelling at them isn't quite enough, in most cases. The family in most dire need of that was the one that used all seven adult children as slave labor. Think they were form Romania or something like that.

        2. re: madeliner

          "OK, Gordon is going to say your food is bland/disgusting/raw/overcooked. Then you get all pissy and say you've never had any complaints. Got it?"

          No drama: no show.

        3. Ummm... You own a restaraunt. No one eats there.

          But it couldn't be that the food sucks!

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            To be fair, it isn't always the food. It could be a variety of things. I think there was at least one episode where he said the food wasn't the problem.

          2. Thanks for that, enjoy what I have read so far.

            and she did do one on "that" restaurant


            1. The British version was great. Less angst, more results. And narrated by GR himself, rather than that bland voice that seems to do all his American shows.

              1. In one episode on a pizza place in Colorado he staged a blind taste testing for the public with the guy's pizza, another place's pizza and frozen pizza.

                I always like it when he gets served something partiuclarly gross and he asks the poor server to taste it.